Worm Farm

Worm cafe subsidies are available to City of Melville residents who attend worm-farming workshops at Piney Lakes.

Save $137.00 on the complete set up of your worm-cafe.

Worm-Farming Workshops

Piney Lakes Environmental Education Centre hosts workshops with the Worm Shed throughout the year, aimed at assisting you in creating successful worm farms. 

All City of Melville residents who attend a worm-farming workshop at Piney Lakes are entitled to a $137.00 subsidy when purchasing a worm-cafe on the day of the workshop.

Each cafe contains all set up materials and a supply of one kilogram of live worms. Your complete cost will be $90.00. This is only while stocks last. 

For any queries contact the Environmental Education Officer on 9364 0790

Worm Cafe Information

The complete set up includes:

  • Worm Cafe unit (dimensions - length: 55cm, width: 40cm, height: 75cm; colour - black; 4 trays (1 base and 3 working trays); fly proof lid; 4 legs; tap)
  • 1 kilogram of live worms (approximately 4 000 worms)
  • Castings for establishment
  • Comprehensive instructions.

For more information view or download the Worm Shed Instructions for Worm Cafe.

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