Happiness Appears Community Art Trail Application

Happiness Appears is community art trail providing the opportunity for up to 20 community members, artist/s and groups to be funded with a $500 fee to bring their creative intervention from idea into reality within Melville’s neighbourhoods!

Popping-up over the course of a week, these artworks will culminate in a celebratory art trail on the weekend of 27 to 28 June 2020. The community will be encouraged to visit the art trail either physically or online, and vote for their favourite artwork! Voting will take place via the City’s website. The creators of the community’s favourite artwork will receive a cash prize of $1,000!

How to take part? Choose a place in your neighbourhood and submit your artwork idea, using sketches and words to explain it.

Applicant Details

Proposed Artwork and Location

Tell us about your temporary artwork idea, including the materials you’d like to use and why it will spread happiness in the community and how they will encounter it! Be sure to include the location and be specific (200 words max).

Information you could include:

  • Materials: chalk paint / banner / yarn / recycled materials / wooden sculpture / installation of painted cardboard shapes hanging from a tree
  • Encounter: people can walk past it, on it, over it, look up at it, add to it
  • Location: e.g. concrete slab on eastern side of Webber Reserve in Willagee
  • How do you plan to make and fix this artwork in place?
  • Tell us how you think your artwork will spread happiness within the neighbourhood?


Upload a sketch or similar mock-up to help us visualise your idea (max 5 images).

Proposed Location

Upload a photo of the proposed location (max 5 images).

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