Permit for Personal Training

Personal Training Permits

The City of Melville offers a permit system for personal trainers who wish to conduct any commercial activities on the City’s public open spaces.

This system provides the opportunity for people to exercise, while also making sure that commercial activities do not prevent others from enjoying the City’s parks and reserves.

The permit involves an administration fee and annual permit fee – based on benchmarking with other local governments providing a similar service. Failure to obtain a permit may result in a $125.00 fine.

Why do you have to apply for a permit?:

  • You are using a public open space that is maintained by residential rates to conduct a commercial activity for personal gain
  • To produce financial assistance in maintaining the reserve
  • To ensure the reserve is not too crowded for casual users and other bookings
  • To ensure work is not scheduled to take place on the reserve that may affect your training
  • To ensure the reserve is suitable for the desired activities
  • To ensure reticulation is not running during the training, or to inform you when reticulation will occur
  • To ensure ground staff can tailor their maintenance schedule around your booking
  • To ensure that the appropriate Public Liability Insurance and other qualifications are in place for the booking
  • To ensure there are adequate facilities at the reserve to accommodate the booking

Personal Training is not permitted at Point Walter Reserve, Heathcote Reserve, Bicton Quarantine, Piney Lakes Reserve and Kadidjiny Park. Applications for other reserves will be considered. Once an application is approved an invoice for the dates specified will be issued. Payment plans are not possible, as the personal training sessions are not permitted to commence until the permit is issued. The permit will not be issued until full payment is received.

Please note, each permit entitles the Personal Trainer to conduct up to 10 session per week. Any requests above the 10 sessions would not be considered. The reserves are already at full capacity with community sporting clubs and community use continuing to grow. Any additional use of the grounds puts the reserve under more stress, resulting in more maintenance and in some cases the reserve being closed.

If you would like to apply for a permit for personal training, you will need to complete the online Annual River and Parks Commercial Recreation Activities Application Form. Please note that all requests are subject to approval from the Reserve Coordinator.

You will also need to provide the following documents as part of your application:

  • Current Senior First Aid Certificate
  • Current Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency
  • Current Professional Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency
  • Current Business Certificate (Proof of ABN)
  • Evidence of Registration with a Peak Body

To check on reserve availability please contact a Customer Relations Team Officer on 9364 0666. Check out our fee and charges.


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