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The City of Melville is conducting a Request for Proposals (RFP) from suitably qualified commercial recreational activity businesses or schools to provide land and water based activities at City of Melville foreshores and reserves.

The City of Melville is conducting a Request for Proposals (RFP) from suitably qualified commercial recreational activity businesses or schools to provide land and water based activities at the following City of Melville venues:

  • Point Walter Foreshore
  • Bicton Baths Foreshore
  • Blackwell Reach Foreshore
  • Melville Beach Foreshore

Land and/or water based activities may include (but are not limited to):

  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding Hire and Lessons
  • Kayaking Lessons Hire and Lessons
  • Kite Surfing Lessons
  • Group Fitness Lessons

The Request for Proposals is now closed.

 Late proposals will not be accepted. For any queries regarding the RFP process, please consult Community Recreation via rdo@melville.wa.gov.au

Previous Commercial Recreation Permit Allocations

The RFP process will assess what changes to the previous Commercial Recreation Permit allocations process are required. Until the RFP is complete, applications for Commercial Recreation Permits will not be recieved or assessed. 

Prior to the RFP, Commecial Recreation Permits were issued on an as-needed basis from all commercial recreation operators utilising public open space to conduct their business. The permit system provided the opportunity for people to exercise or use reserves recreationally, while also making sure that commercial activities did not prevent others from enjoying the City's parks and reserves.

The permits are utilised for the following reasons:

  • To ensure that the activity complies with local laws.
  • To ensure there are adequate facilities at the reserve to accommodate the activity.
  • To ensure the reserve is not too crowded for casual users and other bookings.
  • To ensure work is not scheduled to take place on the reserve that may affect your training.
  • To ensure the reserve is suitable for the desired activities.
  • To ensure reticulation is not running during the training, or to inform you when reticulation will occur.
  • To ensure ground staff can tailor their maintenance schedule around your booking.
  • You are using a public open space that is maintained by residential rates to conduct a commercial activity for personal gain.
  • To produce financial assistance in maintaining the reserve.
  • To ensure that the appropriate Public Liability Insurance and other qualifications are in place for the booking.

To date, the Commercial Recreation Permit has been issued to personal trainers, group fitness instructors, children's sports  facilitaors and water sports facilitiators and instructors.

    Why has a Request for Proposals been called for?

    The popularity of commercial recreational activity businesses or schools to provide land and water based activities in the City of Melville has grown over the past three years. In order to balance the needs of all foreshore users the City of Melville is changing the way it manages commercial activities under its management.

    The current permit system is providing confusion to operators who are competing for limited markets in the same geographical areas. The uptake of lessons and hire opportunities has placed a significant demand on the available infrastructure to support commercial activities especially at the Point Walter foreshore.

    A Request for Proposals (RFP) is being called from suitably qualified operators to determine:

    • The type of activity for lessons and hire on offer to the general community
    • The availability of adequate space for commercial operators at each venue
    • The variety of activity operators can provide

    It is envisaged that any operator that is successful will be provided with access to the general community in which to conduct the chosen and approved commercial activity. The City of Melville reserves the right to issue a single operator at each of the locations or to provide a range of activities through a number of operators at any one location.

    What activities and sites can be proposed?

    The purpose of this Request for Proposals is to invite suitably qualified commercial operators to submit their interest to provide a range of affordable, family friendly recreational and leisure activities at venues nominated by the City of Melville.

    All recreational activities will be considered during this RFP process, however, the City of Melville will consider visitor/market demand, environmental pressures, and the number of similar small businesses operating at each location in its assessment of each proposal. Proposals are sought from experienced operators with the necessary skills, experience and qualifications, peak industry memberships and financial resources.

    The maximum term available for any Agreement is up to three (3) years.

    A one (1) year trial period is available to successful Operators to allow both the City of Melville and Operators to review the viability and suitability of the activity/service at the conclusion of the one (1) year initial trial period.

    The following sites have been identified as suitable locations for some commercial recreation activities:

    • Point Walter Foreshore
    • Bicton Baths Foreshore
    • Blackwell Reach Foreshore
    • Melville Beach Foreshore

    Please refer to location-specific conditions below. Applications for other City of Melville foreshores or locations may be considered.

    Stage of RFPDate
    Applications Open13 August 2018
    Applictions Close

    Midnight, 7 September 2018

    Late applications will not be accepted.

    Proposal Requirements

    In the online submission, you will be asked to provide:

    • A description of your organisation and target group, including supporting documents
    • A Business Plan
    • Demonstration of your business' achievements, experience and financial viability
    • Demonstration of your key personel's skills and experience
    • Location preferences and demonstration of the suitability of the proposed activities at each location
    • Acknowledgement of the Conditions of Hire and that the City reserves the right to allocate Commercial Recreation Permits as it deems appropriate

    Please note: at this time the following documents are not a requirement, however, if you are successful in the RFP you WILL need to provide a copy of the following:

    • Business’ current Certificate of Accreditation (proof of ABN)
    • Public Liability Insurance
    • Professional Liability Insurance
    • Membership to the appropriate peak bodies
    • A current Senior First Aid certificate
    • Risk Management Plan for each approved site
    • A Department of Biosecurity, Conservation and Attractions permit/approval letter (dependant on location)
    Conditions of Hire

    Terms and conditions for future Commercial Recreation Permits may undergo change throughout the RFP process. Please consider the following conditions (and any location-specific conditions) when preparing a proposal for submission. For further detailed conditions, please see the Conditions of Hire.

    Conditions at all locations include:

    • No unauthorised advertising on the reserve or sand banks.
    • All equipment must be removed from site at the end of the business day.
    • All Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions conditions must be adhered to. Failure to do so can result in this permit being cancelled.
    • The permit is granted on a temporary arrangement for the use of the foreshore/s. The City reserves the right to cancel any current permit or decline renewal applications.
    • As a part of the approval, you may be required to work with other events (marathons, triathlons, concerts etc.) Most of these events have been running at these locations for many years, so they must be accommodated by your business.
    • Operators must accommodate and respect other reserve and foreshore users and are not granted exclusive access of any one site.
    • All operators must comply with the conditions of hire outlined in the application form. Any requirements outlined by other governing authorities must be complied with.

    Subject to approval, Operators will be required to provide:

    • A Department of Biosecurity, Conservation and Attractions permit/approval letter. This permit must be forwarded to the Bookings and Events Officer prior to the commencement of the season or a nominated date each year.

    NOTE: Submitted proposals will be retained for future reference.

    Point Walter Foreshore:

    Please note specific conditions that apply to the Point Walter foreshore:

    • At Point Walter Foreshore no parking is permitted in the cul-de-sac at Point Walter Reserve. Vehicles must be parked in marked bays only.
    • The cul-de-sac at Point Walter Reserve is not permitted to be used as a loading/unloading zone. Vehicles must be parked in marked bays only.
    • An operator at Point Walter Reserve is not to occupy more than two standard parking bays.
    • Please take note of the outlined restricted area on the Point Walter Location map as above.

    Related Venues: Point Walter Reserve

    Bicton Baths and Blackwell Reach Foreshores

    Please refer to conditions that apply to all locations. Further specific conditions may apply following the RFP process.

    Related Venues: Bicton Quarantine Park, Rob Campbell Reserve, Blackwall Reach Reserve

    Melville Beach Foreshore:

    Please note specific conditions that apply to the Melville Beach foreshore:

    • No kiting inside the three yellow buoys as highlighted in the Melville Beach Location map. Only launch and land inside this area.
    • No flying kites over the grass or road, especially when walking back up wind.
    • All learners and lessons to be located down wind of the large white gum tree.
    • Keep all windsurfing gear off the cycle path
    • Only park in designated areas i.e. not on the grass verge. If the main road is full, park on a side street.
    • No kiting in onshore (westerly) winds
    • Abide by WA Kitesurfing Association's C.L.E.A.R Kite Surfing Safety guidelines

    Related Venues: Tompkins Park

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