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About Commercial Recreation Permits

The City recognises commercial recreation as the provision of any ongoing recreational activity or service by an organisation or individual with the intention to make a profit.

If you are looking to conduct such commercial activity you are required to apply and be approved a Commercial Recreation Permit, as per Local Law.

The City Currently Offers Two Types of Commercial Recreation Permits

  • For suitably qualified personal trainers looking to provide fitness based activities on one or more of the City’s reserve or park locations (e.g. Winthrop Park, Len Shearer Reserve, Morris Buzacott Reserve etc.).

    This permit entitles the personal trainer to conduct up to 10 sessions (1 session = 2 hours) per week with a maximum of 10 people over all approved location/s.

  • Intended for suitably qualified commercial recreational activity businesses looking to provide water based activities (e.g. Stand Up Paddle Board, Kite Surfing etc.) on one or more of the City’s Foreshore locations (e.g. Point Walter Foreshore, Bicton Baths Foreshore and/or Melville Beach Foreshore).

    This applicant may request a seasonal permit (1 October - 31 May) or an annual permit (1 October - 30 September) for a maximum term of two (2) years. At conclusion of the approved term, the applicant will need to re-apply. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I require a permit?
  • You are using a public open space that is maintained by residential rates to conduct a commercial activity for personal gain.
  • To produce financial assistance in maintaining the foreshore, reserve and/or park.
  • To ensure foreshore, reserve and park use is suitably allocated across the City.
  • To ensure scheduled maintenance and reticulation coincides with allocated usage.
  • To ensure the appropriate qualifications, insurance, licenses and approvals are in place.
    Can I choose which foreshore, reserve or park I want to use?

    Yes, to an extent. In your application you will be asked to list your preferred location/s. However, if an option is unavailable, we will provide alternative options for you to choose from.

    The City of Melville reserves the right to allocate locations as required. A permit may not be provided if a similar business is operating in close proximity or the desired location is already heavily used. 

    Will I have exclusive use of the approved location?

    The City cannot guarantee exclusive use for any of its public open spaces. Therefore, locations (inclusive of the parking areas) are not set aside for exclusive use by the permit holder. 

    How many sessions can I conduct in the week?
    Personal Training

    This permit entitles the operator to conduct upto 10 sessions (1session = 2 hours) per week over all approved locations.

    Water Based ForeshoreSessions are determined in accordance with the submitted application, current/future usage and bookings, environmental pressures and visitor/market demand.
    How will people using the foreshore, reserve or park know that I have permission to conduct my activity?

    The City supplies all its approved commercial activity operators with a permit card. This card states the permit holder, approved activity, location and times.

    This permit card must be accessible at all times the permit holder is operating on site. 

    What if there is another operator using the location without approval?

    Please take note of any details of the unauthorised user (i.e. day and time they conduct their session/s) and report this to the City as soon as possible. Your details will remain anonymous and the City will investigate the unauthorised user.

    How much will it cost?
      Personal Training

    The City only provides an annual permit for Personal Trainers.

    The fee is determined by our fees and charges

    The required permit charge is the annual fee plus an administration fee.

    Water Based Foreshore

    The City provides two Foreshore Commercial Recreation permit periods: 

    • Seasonal,  1 October – 31 May or,
    • Annual, 1 October - 30 September.

    The fee for both periods is determined by our fees and charges.   

    The required permit charge is either a pro-rata annual fee (seasonal) or annual fee per location plus an administration fee.


    Can I pay my fee after I start my sessions?

    No, all fees must be paid up front prior to commencing your approved activities.

    Please note: no payment plans are available.

    Where can I find the permit conditions?

    Each permit holds its own set of conditions which the operator must familiarise, understand, abide by and agree to prior to the submission of their application.

    A copy of the conditions can be found on the designated page for each of our permits(Personal Training or Water Based Foreshore).

    What documentation will I need to apply?
    • Current Senior First Aid Certificate                                                                            
    • Current Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance
    • Current Certificate of Currency for Professional Liability Insurance
    • Current Business Certificate (proof of ABN)                                                                                                  
    • Current Risk Management Plan                                                                                                        
    • Current Working with Children’s Check (only applicable if you are working with children)


    Personal TrainingCurrent Registration with Fitness Australia
    Water based Foreshore

    Current Registration with Peak Body (i.e. Kiteboarding Australia) / Proof of Qualification

    Please note: An application will not progress until all required documentation is provided.

    What is the application process?
    1. Submit an application form and provide all required documentation (including signed permit conditions).
    2. Submission undergoes internal review and assessment by required officers. Further contact between City and applicant may be required during this stage.
    3. Conditional Approval Letter is issued, stating times and locations.
    4. If accepted by the applicant, applicant to be issued invoice for duration of the permit.
    5. Upon receival of payment, applicant will be issued confirmation of permit and permit card.  
    6. Applicant can commence approved activities at approved locations.
    When can I apply?
    Personal Training

    These permits can be applied for all year round.

    All applicants (including previous and renewing permit holders)must submit an application through the City's Online portal.

    Water based Foreshore

    Expressions of Interest open mid year for both seasonal and annual applications.

    Outcome of applications will be communicated prior to commencement of the summer season, 1 October.

    All applicants (including previous and renewing permit holders) must submit an application through the City's Smarty Grants portal.


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