City of Melville Art Collection

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    An Afternoon Paddle
    Ben Sherar
    Canning Bridge Sunday
    Richard Hill
    Michele Boston
  • Across the Cove
    Across the Cove
    Charles Smith
  • Alfred Cove Waters
    Alfred Cove Waters
    J.E. Roberts
  • Blackwall Reach
    Blackwall Reach
    Barney Halls
  • Blue Gum Lake
    Blue Gum Lake
    Arthur Napier
  • Canning Waters
    Canning Waters
    Gary (Guy) Levendale
  • Coffee Point Boatyard
    Coffee Point Boatyard
    Brigitta Nowland
  • District Hall
    District Hall
    Warayute Bannattee
  • Early Morning Canning Foreshore
    Early Morning Canning Foreshore
    Romola Templeton
  • Jacaranda Festival
    Jacaranda Festival
    Susan Clark
  • Kintail Road
    Kintail Road
    Warayute Bannatee
  • Late Afternoon, Blackwall Reach
    Late Afternoon, Blackwall Reach
    Simon Collins
  • Look out from Coffee Point
    Look out from Coffee Point
    Victor Yong
  • Majestic Hotel
    Majestic Hotel
    Laurence Hibbert
  • Melville Heritage Trail
    Melville Heritage Trail
    Arturo Cruz
  • Melville Melody
    Melville Melody
    John Lewis
  • Point Dundas
    Point Dundas
    Ivor Hunt
  • Point Walter
    Point Walter
    R. Harwoond
  • Point Walter 2
    Point Walter 2
    Susan Clark
  • Raffles Hotel
    Raffles Hotel
    John Lewis
  • Rainy Morning, South of Perth Yacht Club
    Rainy Morning, South Perth Yacht Club
    Ken Doust
  • Something in the Air
    Something in the Air
    Brian Simmonds
  • Sunday Afternoon
    Sunday Afternoon
    Ben Sherar
  • Untitled
    R. Shardlow
  • Urban Crawl
    Urban Crawl
    Jane Grierson