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Inspiring Volunteer Stories

Volunteers contribute to positive change in the community and making the world a better place! Meet some amazing volunteers and be inspired by their stories.

Meet Alan

I am a volunteer visitor with the Melville Cares, Community Visitors Scheme (CVS). Volunteer visits are arranged by Melville Cares CVS to provide companionship and friendship to elderly members of our community who may be socially isolated or mobility impaired.  Part of my post-retirement plan was to try and make a difference to people’s lives in order to improve their quality of life.

Melville Cares attempts to get a good match between people. In my case the match is perfect. I normally visit an elderly gentleman at one of the local aged care premises once a week; however, due to the current COVID-19 protocol we keep in contact by letter. We have much in common as I spent a year or so living in the same town where he had lived for many years and it is delightful hearing his stories about places in and around the town with which we are both very familiar. We also have the same sporting backgrounds and interests so it really is a very enjoyable get together. It’s true what he says, we have become good mates.

Meet Dawn

An inspiring member of our community who has been volunteering at Melville Cares to assist with their food delivery and participate in their sharing the love program during COVID-19.

Meet Greg

This November I will commence my fourth year of volunteering for Telethon Community Cinemas at Murdoch University. I commit to one night per week and do the occasional nights at Burswood Outdoor Cinema as the need arises. My night may include volunteering in the box office, front of house, bar/candy sales, as a barista, distribution of bean bags and selling raffle tickets.

Working as a dentist for 32 years, I really enjoy the company of my fellow volunteers and the interaction with the general public. The age range of the "vollies" is from university students to retirees like myself and everyone in between. They are all highly motivated to making the cinema experience totally enjoyable for the patrons, whilst raising much needed funds for children's charities.

My involvement with Melville Volunteer Resource Centre was prompted by seeing the sign on Canning Highway in Wireless Hill Park. As I commenced retirement nine years ago, I wanted to give back to the community whilst home in Perth after travelling each year. Through the centre I have made volunteering connections with MSWA, Red Nose, RSPCA, Festival of Perth, Art Gallery Of  W.A., and Open House Perth.

Volunteering is now an important part of my life, especially now with the travel limitations due to COVID 19. It has been a great pleasure working with the different organisations, in differing locations and with like minded people who like to contribute back to society.

Meet Ian

We bought our house in Booragoon in 1990 with a walkway beside which was very untidy and attracted undesirable behaviour.  I was motivated to start beautifying the walkway and started with a few hardy native ground cover plants that I collected on my walks and travels. It was very surprising how quickly these plants became established, blocked out weeds from growing, and covered the ground beside the walkway. I also collected various plants from discarded pots in the local area including, pencil pines, cacti and succulents. It took quite a bit of time, water and patience to get the garden to what it is today but the rewards have been great.

There is now no rubbish and the walkway is enjoyed by all ages from young children riding their skateboards, to people taking selfies amongst the flowers when it is in full colour (Spring time) which is very pleasing to see.

Meet Mine

Our aim at Friends of Attadale Foreshore Inc (FOAF) is to strengthen communities and ecosystems for their mutual benefit. As an environmental volunteering team, we identify high priority programs and focus on these. This warrants that we plan for actions that are achievable and can produce measurable results.

At FOAF we monitor floristic systems in the reserves and waterways by conducting a range of activities such as weed management, revegetation and Phytophthora Dieback. Weed management is a major part of our work and we have recently removed Fumeria muralis a robust climber. This weed blankets over native species, which flowers and produces seeds which are then dispersed by soil movement or water run-off.  When the vegetation is healthy the different layers of vegetation attract faunal species such as the Willie Wagtail, Rhipidura leucophrys, which lives all over the reserve.

Environmental volunteering allows me to immerse myself with nature and inspires me to help the environment and understand its value. Volunteering also provides me with benefits such as enhancing my career prospects, using my knowledge, gaining new skills and is a great social experience.

Meet Vicky and Karen

Puppy raiser volunteers at Guide Dogs WA and hear about the amazing work they do within the community. The puppies they are training will grow up to be either a Guide Dog, Autism Assistance Dog, Companion Dog for children and adults with a disability, and/or a Therapy Dog and change someone’s life.

Meet Alan

Before I retired as an engineer I planned what I would like to do post retirement. As I was very fortunate to be still in good health I wanted to contribute part of my time to volunteering in my local community.

I volunteer at the Piney Lakes Environmental Education Centre (PLEEC) as a member of the Bush Crew. It’s a very rewarding experience working with the group of volunteers and PLEEC staff in helping to maintain the bushland for current and future generations.

I had been a keen long-distance runner for many years and often used Piney Lakes for my training. It’s a great place to be for the varied natural environment and peaceful surroundings, unless you happen to be close to a flock of the feeding cockatoos! In appreciation of the enjoyment I’d had over the years I had a desire to give something back to the area. I decided that volunteering at PLEEC would be one of my passions, and I have not been disappointed. Being originally from the country I enjoy being close to nature and re-connecting with the land.

In the Bush Crew, we often use the word therapy to describe our work, and it really is exactly that. We meet once a week and, depending on the time of the year, get involved with planting native seedlings, watering or weeding. It is very rewarding to see the plants you have personally put into the ground growing well.

Meet Clive and Shane

Volunteers at Lifeline WA. They both work as counsellors on the Crisis Support Phone Line assisting people who call up in crisis and are in need of support.

Meet Dixie

I joined Starting over Support as a volunteer after hearing about the program from fellow colleagues from my other volunteering role with Soroptimist International Maylands Peninsula. 

At the time I felt the program sounded so worthwhile.  I have volunteered now for over two years and can certainly testify that’s the case.  It’s a wonderful thing to not just want to be able to help and support those in need, but to be a part of this organisation where this happens every day.

I have two roles at SOS; Administration where I speak to members of the wider community who call to offer donations of household goods and furniture, and I also help with the many family referrals selecting and packing all the items that each family or individual may need. 

Our hope every day is that we can make a difference in their lives no matter how small.  We all love it so much when we get to pack extra things for the children.  We don’t get to see these folks of course, but we often sit and think just how excited the littles ones will be when they open their packages or their backpacks that are full of fun things they may not be expecting.

These past months, I have also volunteered on the Touchpoint team.  That’s been such a wonderful support program for so many isolated folks.   It’s also been so very humbling to be able to check on them, just have a chat and make them feel they are not alone.

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