Safer Melville Approach

The City’s Safer Melville approach is to:

  • Regularly monitor emerging community safety or crime trends. We do this using a number of data sources e.g. reported crime, Community Safety Service (CSS) statistics, feedback from police, stakeholders etc.
  • Respond within our role as a Local Government
  • Reassure the community that the City is monitoring and responding to emerging community safety or crime issues.

This approach is in line with the International Safe Communities Model, which is an evidence-based model for addressing community safety issues at the local level. This approach ensures we are directing our Safer Melville resources to where they are most needed. The City of Melville was the first community in WA to align to this model and therefore achieve accreditation as a Pan Pacific Safe Community.

Strategic Alignment

In the City of Melville Strategic Community Plan 2020 – 2030 our community identified their aspirations. The Clean and Green and Safe and Secure aspirations were almost equally important to the community with 32.2% and 30.8% of respondents ranking these as their areas of focus respectively.

In the City of Melville Corporate Business Plan 2020 – 2030 six key priority areas of focus were identified as critical in achieving community aspirations. Priorities related to the Safe and Secure aspiration fall underneath the ‘Support healthy lifestyles and wellbeing’ priority. The relevant key strategy to address this priority is ‘Increase advocacy and partnerships for identified needs relating to community health, safety and security.

The 2017 – 2021 Safer Melville Plan is in place to achieve the strategy and aspirations listed in these two plans. There is also a summary version of the plan available. We conducted a minor review of the priorities of this plan in 2019/20 to remain aligned to the International Safe Communities Model, and to ensure we were directing our resources to the current needs of our community.

Safer Melville Advisory Committee

The Safer Melville Advisory Committee (SMAC) is made up of representatives from various State Government agencies, community based organisations, local police stations and community and business groups. They work together to promote safety and injury reduction for people living, working and visiting the City of Melville by applying the Safe Communities Framework.

The committee meet bi-monthly and have advised the City on a number of projects and initiatives over the years. Some examples are:

  • The committee were presented with a proposed project plan that outlined an approach the City could take to community safety and crime prevention during and post COVID-19. The committee advised the City that the proposed approach was appropriate and relevant during the pandemic and supported a recommendation to check back in on the Safer Melville Plan priorities later in 2020. 
  • The committee has provided advice on the development of, and minor review of the 2017 – 2021 Safer Melville Plan
  • The committee were presented with information on the cost and effectiveness of mobile CCTV units and following discussion advised the City to purchase a mobile CCTV trailer.
  • The committee were presented with concerns regarding anti social behaviour from the community and a proposal to trial youth outreach in a suburb. The committee discussed and advised the City to commence the trial; which was successful. Once presented with the results of the evaluation, the committee advised the City to source and secure funds from existing budgets to continue the youth outreach beyond the trial and to also expand it to other suburbs.

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