Neighbourhood Watch

The City of Melville has an active, engaged Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) group.

A good neighbour cares about their neighbours and community. A great neighbour gets to know, looks out for and helps neighbours and their community. Great neighbours make great neighbourhoods! Find out more about our Friendly Neighbours grants and initiatives.

What is NHW and how can I get involved?

NHW is about connecting communities and encouraging neighbours to look out for each other. Be a part of NHW – it’s easy! You don’t have to sign up or spend hours of your time to make a contribution:

  • Swap contact details with your neighbours
  • Sign up for ewatch bulletins, visit
  • Connect to your local police Palmyra @PalmyraPol or Murdoch Police @MurdochPol on Twitter
  • Like the South Metro District – WA Police Facebook page
  • Look out and report suspicious behaviour to police and the CSS
  • Get a NHW bin sticker and display it on your bin
  • Mark your property - this makes it easier to identify and recover, and harder for burglars to resell. 
  • Attend your local NHW event and get to know your community
  • Be a Friendly Neighbour – visit the Friendly Neighbourhoods web page for information on Friendly Neighbourhoods grants, the Friendly Neighbourhoods BBQ trailer or nominating someone for a Friendly Neighbour award

For more information visit the Neighbourhood Watch webpage or to register your interest in NHW call NHW WA on 9222 1513.

What is ewatch and how do I sign up?

Ewatch is an enewsletter put together by your local police and council. It is an easy way to find out what’s happening in your community. Connect with your local police and council to help make your neighbourhood safer and a more vibrant place to live. Be involved, keep informed! You can sign up at the ewatch webpage.

What does the City of Melville NHW group do?

At the City of Melville we have an active NHW program run by a dynamic group of local volunteers. They work together to create welcoming, friendly, safe and secure neighbourhoods. Read the Neighbourhood Watch Information Pack to find out more about NHW in City of Melville. Here are just some examples of the work they do in your community:

  • Hosting information stalls and events to encourage connected communities and raise awareness of safety and crime prevention
  • Organising and attending NHW meetings where information is shared by local police and the City
  • Distributing NHW bin stickers and resources in their local areas
  • Welcoming and getting to know new neighbours
  • Reporting suspicious information to police
  • Contributing content for ewatch newsletters
How does NHW promote safety in my community?

There are many reasons why NHW promotes safer communities. The basic ethos of NHW encourages connected communities who look out for each other. By looking out for your neighbours and your street you are extra eyes and ears for the police. This means there is more information and intelligence passed onto them which can assist them to prevent crime and make arrests.  By connecting to your local police through ewatch or Twitter means they have a way of appealing to you for information about local issues. NHW volunteers also play a key role in educating the community on safety and crime prevention and providing them with easy and practical strategies to make their lives safer.

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