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Access Advisory Panel

Access Advisory Panel

The City of Melville Access Advisory Panel (AAP) advocates for the access requirements of people with disability, older people and promotes universal access across the City of Melville. The main function is to provide feedback and insights into built environment and event plans in the City of Melville, commenting on accessibility factors.

This Panel is unique to Local Government in WA as it is driven by the Urban Planning department, to enable direct input at the planning stage, supporting inclusive design and development in the City. The Access Advisory Panel has been recognised internationally as best practice in the America Association of Retired People’s publication Liveable Communities for All.

The provide representative, lived-experience input and advice on:

  • Building and landscape development applications, both public and private  
  • Plans for special or public events
  • Identified City-initiated projects or programs
  • Proposals for works on City-managed property
  • The City of Melville’s own plans and strategies including the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2012-2017 (DAIP) and the Age Friendly Melville plan.  

Submitting Agenda Items

The Panel meet every three months at LeisureFit Melville.

Agenda items for 2021 can be submitted to by the following dates:

  • February 3 (for February 18 meeting)
  • May 7 (for May 20 meeting)
  • August 6 (for August 20 meeting)
  • November 5 (for November 18 meeting) 


The last recruitment drive was undertaken in 2019 and included a community advertisement in the Melville Times. Members may also be invited by City of Melville officers.

The Panel is chaired by the Director of Urban Planning and supported by formal administrative practices. 

Current membership includes:

  • 10 residents living with disability, several who identify in the ‘seniors’ age bracket;  
  • 6 representatives from Disability Support Service Providers operating in the City of Melville;
  • Parents/carers/advocates of people with disability;
  • City of Melville’s Social Justice Advocate
  • City of Melville’s Senior Urban Planner

Previous Projects

Below is a list of projects the Access Advisory Panel has reviewed recently:

  • Willagee Library refurbishment
  • Willagee Community Centre refurbishment
  • State wide “This Bay is Someone’s Day”’ ACROD parking campaign
  • The Little Hands Festival
  • The Point Walter Festival
  • A new three-storey classroom at All Saints College
  • A large new sports centre at Corpus Christi College
  • An upgrade to the Piney Lakes Sensory Playground
  • The new three-storey Challenger Institute of Technology building on Murdoch Drive
  • A public realm upgrade out the front of the shops on Davis Road in Attadale
  • The Sculpture Walk at Deep Water Point
  • The Disability Action Plan for Museums and Libraries in the City of Melville
  • The upcoming upgrade to Garden City Shopping Centre
  • Public an accessible toilets around the City of Melville
  • A new four-storey mixed-use building (offices and apartments/day care) in the Riseley Activity Centre
  • A set of two 20-storey mixed use buildings (offices, small bar and apartments) in the Canning Bridge Activity Centre
  • The City’s Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (2017-2022)
  • A new four-storey mixed use building (offices and residential care) in Willagee
  • A new 22-storey mixed use building (food shops and apartments) in the Canning Bridge Activity Centre
  • A new church and three-storey apartment building in Willagee
  • Access improvements for the front entrance of Blue Gum Community Centre.


For more information please contact Amy Cleasby, Social Justice Advocate at the City of Melville on 9364 0864 or email  

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