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Seven community projects have received a share of $100,000 during round five of the Project Robin Hood program.

More than 2,660 community members went online to Melville Talks to review 13 projects up for consideration and vote for those they wanted to see happen.

The successful projects span the suburbs of Brentwood, Applecross, Leeming, Booragoon, Willagee and Bull Creek and will help conserve and enhance natural spaces and create new places for the community to come together and connect.

Melville Disc Golf

This project will see the creation of a nine hole disc golf course in the City of Melville for the disc golf community and the general public to enjoy.

There are few activities that rival a walk in the park in terms of health benefits and accessibility. Disc golf adds an extra element of fun and excitement and leads and encourages the community to get out to their local parks and connect with their community in a fun and physical way. Disc golf is a free, inclusive, fast growing sport that is played around the world. Very similar to regular golf, disc golf is played by throwing a disc or frisbee from a tee area, towards a basket with the aim of getting it into the basket using the least amount of throws. It has an established presence in New Zealand, USA, Canada and Scandinavia, and is quickly growing in Australia as well. This project aims to bring players to the area, as well as provide a free family-friendly activity that adds to existing amenities in the area.

  • Budget: $4,954
  • Location: To be determined
  • Community Benefit: Positive health and wellbein outcomes, disc golf creates a sense of community and is an inclusive activity and will attract people into the City of Melville to play. 
  • Who can be involved: A select group of passionate disc golf enthusiasts will assist in the project. The Perth Disc Golf Club and City of Cockburn can be consulted regarding course design. Design of the disc golf signage and other materials will be done by myself (I am a graphic designer by trade). The manufacturing of such signs will be done by a local signwriting company, and the baskets will be supplied by a local disc golf store.

Leeming Nature Play Space

Imagine a nature based play space that complements the beautiful natural bushland setting of Leeming located on the accessible oval of Leeming Senior High School (SHS).

A place for locals to connect and for children to play and explore. A place where children play at break times during the school day and with friends and family outside school hours. This project is about creating a natural play and exploration area, a yarning circle with timber logs and tree trunks repurposed and designed for play. This space would support educational opportunities for students at Leeming SHS during the school day, and promote an inclusive, shared community for all residents. Leeming SHS oval is a shared community space, used by local families for sports and with this project, for play too. 

  • Budget: 8,500
  • Location: Leeming Senior High School Oval
  • Community Benefit: The community can use the space as a place to meet and connect with nature and will also support physical and mental health and wellbeing. 
  • Who can be involved: A core group of active locals will lead the project with businesses, schools and residents encouraged to get involved.

Ship Shape Nature Circuit

The Ship Shape Nature Circuit includes a wooden lookout, balance planks, chin up bars, stepping logs, soft fall and tyres.

The playground is the hub of the school where friendships are made between children, parents and the wider community.  The Bull Creek Primary School P&C and community will come together to source and install rocks, logs, used tyres to landscape the area and expand the playground to build on the nautical theme in other parts of the school.
After school and on weekends families can use this community asset to meet and play.  The playground expansion is intended to attract families to stay and use the equipment which will help kids develop core strength and balance to help in all other elements of their growth and learning. 

  • Budget: $19,550
  • Location: Bull Creek Primary School
  • Community Benefit: The students from the school, other schools and the broader community can use the space as a place to meet, play and connect.  The nature play space will also support physical and mental health and wellbeing of all ages.  
  • Who can be involved: The P&C has a Playground Sub-Committee that will oversee the implementation of this project, with support from the School Administration. The broad school community can draw on a range of skills and materials. The Education Department requires that school playground development be coordinated through Programmed, and therefore there are some limitations to what the school community are permitted to undertake on our own. However, where possible we will draw on parents and the wider community for labour to undertake preparation of the playground area, source and treat materials – such as rocks and logs and place those materials to complement the playground works undertaken by contractors.

Kids Love Bushland

The Applecross Primary Green Lab Team, are working together to bring the bushland back to life with a volunteer student team who will take charge to look after the natural flora and fauna and inspire others to do the same.

The plan is to clear some bushland on the school grounds of weeds and invasive plants then revegetate the area with seedlings of native plants that once grew in the area to provide food sources for the black cockatoos and other animals.  The area will then be developed so students can spend time in the bushland and work with a variety of adult experts from local environment groups including Millennium Kids.  It will also be a quiet place for the community to enjoy. 

  • Budget: $7,900
  • Location: Applecross Primary School
  • Community Benefit: Creating more public open space for the community to enjoy and connect with each other and the natural world. 
  • Who can be involved: We hope all the students of Applecross Primary School will be deeply involved in this project but we know sometimes we will need the help of some adults.  We will be inviting our teachers, parents and local community members to help us out.  We will also be asking experts in the community to help educate us, provide plants and help with jobs we can’t do ourselves.

Interactive Signs for Blue Gum Lake Reserve

Blue Gum Lake Reserve will get a much-needed makeover with new signs celebrating the local flora and fauna.

It is currently difficult to learn about species of flora and fauna native to the area due to the lack of signage.  Students and staff from Brentwood Primary will install the signage around the lake without it imposing on the surrounding nature and wildlife.

The students will research the species of flora and fauna around the reserve, with the assistance/input of volunteers and experts. Part of this will be the creation of videos on the species they discover at the reserve that are both informative and entertaining thus serving as an attraction to all members of the community when exploring the reserve. The videos will be shared as QR codes attached to signposts and will also include local Aboriginal names of native plants and animals within the reserve to raise cultural awareness.

  • Budget: $19,798
  • Location: Brentwood Primary School
  • Community Benefit: Educate the community and engage them with the cultural 
  • Who can be involved: The Parents and Citizens (P&C) in association with Brentwood Primary School staff and students will spearhead the project and Jason Bird, Head of Landcare, Research Supervisor and Volunteer Coordinator at Wirambi Landcare will assist with local knowledge and considerations for the area.   Local organisations such as Friends of Booragoon and Blue Gum Lakes (FoBBGL) and South East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare (SERCUL) will also provide input. 

Dr Noel Nannup will be approached to assist with cultural awareness and guidance on the naming of flora and fauna.  Local businesses will be enlisted, where possible, to assist with the designing, sourcing and establishing of the signposts around the reserve.

Roy Neal Native Vegetation Community Planting Project 

Residents around Roy Neal Reserve will plant 6000 native plants under the trees to reinvigorate the parkland by creating several pockets of sustainable native understorey areas and natural landscape features.

The aim of the project is to attract native birds, bees and pollinator insects while also creating a place of beauty that can be enjoyed by our diverse local community.

The park is being upgraded as part of the City’s renewal schedule so the new playground, reticulation, seating and tables will be complimented by the community planting natives in the newly mulched areas. This project aims to enhance the existing green space by community working alongside Council so they can feel part of the positive change and create something that can be enjoyed for generations to come!

  • Budget: $20,000
  • Location: Roy Neal Reserve, Willagee
  • Community Benefit: Beautify the park for local residents and visitors to the area, a tool to educate the community around the importance of small native plantings to create habitat and increase green spaces, help bring people together through the planting days and a place to meet and play. 
  • Who can be involved: Anyone in the community.  The focus will be on locals from the area. 

Booragoon Sensory Playground and Garden 

CLANG-CRASH-BANG: Booragoon Primary P&C will add a sensory playground to the early childhood outdoor space for everyone to enjoy. 

A sensory and sound garden provides an opportunity for physical and creative play with different textures, sounds, feels, sizes, shapes and smells. Objects that respond to movement, light and touch stimulates curiosity and adds richness to outdoor and nature play. This outdoor space would offer a much needed sensory play environment for our students, families and the broader community.

The garden will comprise three gorgeous, colourful musical elements – a Daisy Petal Drum, a Harmony Flower and a Rainbow Trio Ensemble and will be created with the support of our school community through a number of busy-bees and planting days.

Booragoon Primary School is open to everyone after school and on weekends and they strongly believe the school is the beating heart of the community so this is another way to bring families in to share the joy.

  • Budget: $19,298
  • Location: Booragoon Primary
  • Community Benefit: Anyone will be able to access the playground and garden outside school hours.  Encourage relationships and community connection, physical and mental health and wellbeing. 
  • Who can be involved: The project will be coordinated by a project manager with consultation and support from the project team including Booragoon Primary School staff and Principal, P&C representatives, local businesses, Booragoon Champion Dads group and students.  A number of community days are planned for planting and landscaping around the pre-fabricated components. 

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