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Melville Save the Bees of Australia

Bees in a hive

About Melville Save the Bees of Australia

Save the Bees of Australia educates the local community about the importance of all bees to our environment. The City currently has an active eradication program for the European Honeybee. We can offer assistance by relocating unwanted European honeybees to country areas where they can live with cropping and non-native vegetables and flowers.

Project Details

  • Budget: $19,700
  • Location: City of Melville
  • Community Benefit: We will provide community info sessions to explain how to safely relocate bees and would also offer local schools the opportunity to be educated on bees and native Bees through school incursions. Craig has 20 years’ experience in environmental educational tours and we would provide ongoing educational programs on bees.
  • Who can be involved: We will approach local men sheds and schools to help make rescue and relocation hives to move unwanted bees safely out of Melville. We will also help local schools make native bees habitats for community members who would like to have a native bee habitat in their gardens.

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