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Bushfoods and Native Species Community Corridor

About the Bushfood and Native Species Community Corridor

Imagine a neighbourhood where the local school and community work together to create a community verge that attracts local natives such as birds and lizards as well as growing bush tucker to eat. Can Mount Pleasant Primary School inspire people to re-vegetate the verges and in doing so create a sustainable future by building close relationships with the community and nature? The community Bushfood Corridor will be located on the council side of the school fence running along the entire length of Gunbower between the intersections of St Michael’s Terrace and Henley Street, allowing community access at all times. On the days when students are accessing the bush corridor for busy bees, weeding, new plantings and monitoring growth, we will advertise this through our newsletter, website and a local letter drop to foster greater involvement from the parents and members of the public in the neighbouring community.

This project endeavours to teach both young and old how to plant a native and bush tucker garden whilst also creating a community spirit. There will be community talks from local business and indigenous organisations, planting mature trees, tube stock and propagating plants from seedlings and learning how to grow edible food with less resources whilst revitalising the neighbourhood. This project has strong links to the Western Australian Curriculum – Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, and cross priorities such Indigenous Studies and Sustainability ensuring that tomorrow’s generation can making lasting changes to our daily practices to build a resilient community.

Project Updates

June 2019 saw the official opening of one of our round 3 projects which was funded back in 2015. Mt Pleasant Primary school were successful in receiving funding to plant a bushfood corridor along southern verge of the school. This involved the creation of some new paths to improve access for children and their families into the school along with a native, edible verge garden that the school will incorporate into it's curriculum as an outdoor classroom space but is also accessible to the community. They also hope it will inspire surrounding houses to do the same and lose their verge lawns.

Our Engineering and Verge Infrastructure teams have been helping out by doing some remediation works on paths outside the school to make sure they’re safe and pram-friendly which is a great outcome for the school.

Here are some images of event which the Mayor attended along with the project Ombeardsmen, Sarah Lee. The group even created their own sign which is brilliant as this is something we're hoping to do for groups going forward. 

  • Mt Pleasant Primary School Bushfood Corridor OpeningMt Pleasant Primary School Bushfood Corridor Opening
  • Mt Pleasant Primary School Bushfood Corridor OpeningMt Pleasant Primary School Bushfood Corridor Opening

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