About Project Robin Hood

What is Project Robin Hood?

Project Robin Hood is a participatory budgeting program that offers a total of $100,000 in smaller grants of $20,000 for community ideas, projects or events that bring people together and build better neighbourhoods. 

If you have ever had a great idea to make your community more vibrant, safe and connected, Project Robin Hood can help make it happen by providing funding, support and connecting you with like-minded individuals.

How does it work?

You need to spread the word and bring together a team of people who can help you bring your idea to life. You can do that by speaking to friends, family and people in the community. The City can help too by providing a place for you to share ideas, suggestions and comments and connect with others who share your passion.

Once you’ve developed your idea, you will need to is pitch it to the community who will then vote on what projects they would like to see happen. If you are successful, then it’s time to work together to make your idea into reality with the City supporting you every step of the way.

Project Robin Hood rounds happen every two years. The last round was in 2019 and the next round will be in 2021.

Register your interest in future Project Robin Hood rounds

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If you see an idea here that you really like and want more information or you’d like to try and start a group and you want to connect with others, Robin can help you.

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