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About the Program

The City of Melville is launching a one-off funding round to support projects that encourage people to use active transport (walk, cycle, use public transport).  Not for profit organisations, community groups and businesses are invited to submit applications for projects that will encourage, inspire or enable people to use modes of transport other than the car.


To be eligible you must be:

  • A small businesses based in the City of Melville
  • A not for profit organisations (including school P&Cs)
  • An unincorporated community group based in the City of Melville
  • Applicants and their projects must be based in the City of Melville.
  • Projects must be new initiatives.
  • Wages will not be funded
  • Maximum total funding per applicant is $5,000.
  • Quotes are required for items $500 or more, two quotes are required for items $2,000 or more.
  • There can only be one applicant per project.
  • Projects must be completed by 30 June 2022.
  • Grant recipients are required to acquit the grant and report on activities within 3 months of the completion of their project, with the inclusion of receipts for all expenditure, photos of your project, and a short report.
  • Capital equipment requires matched funding in cash or in kind (eg bikes, eBikes, bike storage).

Assessment Criteria

Priority will be given to projects that:

  • Show a clear rationale as to how it will encourage, inspire or enable people to use active transport (walk, bike, use public transport).
  • For capital equipment, demonstrates co-contribution in cash or in kind.
  • Have a clear and well thought out budget.
  • Demonstrate applicant’s capacity to deliver.

Examples of what will be considered

Events that celebrate or encourage active transport (bike, walk, public transport);

  • Bike education, or education on the use of public transport;
  • Marketing to support or encourage active transport;
  • Bus stop enhancements such as artwork;
  • Bike parking;
  • Fleet bike (clear plan must be provided that demonstrates incorporation of business use of fleet bike); 
  • Provision of shopping carts to enable customers to walk home with their shopping rather than driving;
  • Privately owned parking conversion to bike parking. 


  • Monday 18 October – funding round opens
  • Monday 15 November – funding round closes
  • Thursday 2 December – applicants notified

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Frequently Asked Questions

I need to talk through my idea, can the City assist?

Contact the grants team 9364 0666

I need advice on bike education, can the City of Melville assist?

Officers are available for suggestions on  Active Transport services. Contact a TravelSmart Officer 3964 0666.

Why is the City of Melville offering TravelSmart grants?

The Council of the City of Melville has recently declared a climate emergency.  Active transport reduces carbon emissions and improves our air quality. Vehicle emissions are the biggest source of pollution in Perth, which is not surprising when we understand that Perth, and Australia generally, have some of the highest car usage rates in the world. 

Here at the City of Melville our community consistently tells us through engagement processes that traffic congestion is a source of frustration.

Is my business considered a ‘small business’?

Your business is eligible to apply if it has its own ABN, employs 19 people or less, and is based in the City of Melville.

I want a new bike, can I apply to get a ‘fleet bike’?

Fleet bikes are a great way for employers to get staff into active transport.  Applications for fleet bikes will be required to include a plan that demonstrates how the fleet bike will be used by the business (eg, typical trip length, number of staff who will use the bike, other equipment provided such as; helmets, bike pump, repair kit and hi viz vests. 

Application for bike purchase cannot be for personal use. 

I like the idea of a fleet bike, but don’t want to arrive at my meeting too sweaty. Can the fleet bike be an eBike?

Yes it can.

I’d like my business or school to get more support to use active forms of transport. What is available?

Your Move, initiated by the Department of Transport, is a free program that provides information and support to help you find more active ways to get around so you can spend less time in the car and more time doing the things you really enjoy.  Find details here

I’m new to active transport, what is the best place to start?

Walking and riding a bike offer so many benefits that if you could put it all in a tablet they would be flying off the shelves! Benefits include improved sleep, blood pressure and cholesterol, better stress management, a better connection with your neighbours, neighbourhood and community. They both improve air quality, save you money, reduce noise, improve road safety, provide eyes on the street and encourage more people to get out and about.

The benefits are clear however changing anything in your life can be tricky. Walking more is easiest to change, just step out your door and explore your neighbourhood. Riding a bike offers more practical benefits. You can travel further with less effort and less time however you might want to pump your tyres, oil your chain and check your helmet. Like walking start just by familiarising yourself up and down your street and then maybe take the bike to the park or to enjoy a coffee.

The trick is to start gradually and make time for it – like we said if the benefits were put in a tablet they would be over-prescribed.

Contact Us

It is highly recommended that you contact the program coordinator to discuss your project prior to applying.

  • Email:
  • Phone: 9364 0666 or 1300 635 845

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