Bateman, Kardinya, Murdoch Ward Candidates

Candidate Details

Ballot Paper Name: BARLING, Tim

Nominating for: Councillor for Bateman, Kardinya, Murdoch Ward


I am proud to have represented you on Council for the past four years, most recently as Melville's Deputy Mayor and would be delighted to continue advocating for you and enhancing our wonderful community.

If re-elected I will continue to push for improvements in Council honesty and transparency, ensure rate rises are kept close to inflation, stand  up for the environment and advocate for smarter solutions to road safety and traffic congestion.

I will remain fiercely independent, continuing to be a sensible voice on Council considering each issue on its merits and in your best interests.

I have never been a member of a political party. I've enjoyed Kardinya as my home for half my life, studying and working at Murdoch University, and have 30 years experience volunteering with sporting clubs and committees within our community.

Working together, we can ensure our city remains strong and progressive into the future.

Home:  9337 9703

Mobile:  0412 382 594

Postal Address:  5 Weston Way KARDINYA 6163



Candidate Details

Ballot Paper Name: BYRNES, James

Nominating for: Councillor for Bateman,Kardinya,Murdoch Ward


I have been a resident of Bateman-Kardinya-Murdoch for 50 years. I was educated at Mt Pleasant Primary, Applecross High, UWA and Curtin. I have a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Engineering.

I bring with me 20+ years of experience building large infrastructure projects in Western Australia and Internationally with a great understanding and empathy of the impacts that large projects have on the community and how business is conducted ethically and with integrity.

I will provide unbiased and independent representation for you on the Council; oppose the erosion of our open green spaces for senseless development; oppose projects the community does not want; work to build an inclusive and connected community  through transparent and meaningful consultation; ensure fair and equitable access to the city's assets for everyone to pursue their 
sport and leisure activities; and finally, ensure the city utilises ratepayers (your) money ethically and with integrity.

Mobile:  0477 668 587

Postal Address:  22 Johanson Promenade MURDOCH 6150



Candidate Details

Ballot Paper Name: HORTON, Jillian

Nominating for: Councillor for Bateman,Kardinya,Murdoch Ward


Do you want change in Melville Council? Do you want your voice heard and your concerns addressed?

A vote for me means you have a strong voice representing you in Council. I am independent, but will work collaboratively with others to make change happen.

I have lived in Kardinya for over 21 years, raising my sons here. I have been a positive part of the local community and strongly support local businesses.

As a professional Clinical Psychologist of 30 years experience, I know how to really listen, communicate and advocate. I will utilise these skills as your Council representative.

I value open spaces and the environment and will keep a close watch on building density and development. I believe rates should be kept as low as possible, whilst maintaining quality services for ratepayers.

Regardless of your age, education or ethnic background, I will work for you.

Mobile: 0473 863 310


Social Network Address:


Candidate Details

Ballot Paper Name: STOKES, Tony

Nominating for: Councillor for Bateman,Kardinya,Murdoch Ward


Parking at Fiona Stanley Hospital and generally in the Murdoch precinct is a nightmare.

Even more traffic will come onto Murdoch Drive from the Roe offramp. A multi-storey carpark must be built, and soon for TAFE, FSH and the expanded area.

I grew up in Applecross, studied at Aquinas and Murdoch University and have developed two small businesses. I helped raise two sons. I now reside in Kardinya and am active in our community as a member and volunteer.

Kardinya Park Shopping Centre revamp must be closely monitored. Bert Jeffrey Park issues must be fairly resolved.

Our City finances are solid. Rates have only increased CPI level. Yet Council needs fair judgement and not just two factions. Council must be approachable and inclusive.

As this message goes to print, I am doorknocking and talking with various people and groups. I look forward to full community engagement as your elected councillor.

Mobile:  0413 728 084



Candidate Details

Ballot Paper Name: MACPHAIL, Duncan

Nominating for: Councillor for Bateman, Kardinya, Murdoch Ward


As your fellow ward resident who served on Bateman's Community Association, Murdoch Precinct Strategy Group and local P&Cs, I respectfully seek your support.

Regarded as a straight shooter, I'm committed to serving our whole community, not pushing some pressure group's narrow agenda. Ratepayers should not have to financially subsidise minority demands wasting our rates.

My focus is on addressing our current concerns:

•  Combating traffic congestion around South Street and supporting the Roe8 completion.

•  Improving services for seniors, universal access and youth opportunities.

•  Securing a safer Melville with expanded "Smart City" CCTV initiatives in vulnerable hot spots.

•  Promoting local church/ voluntary groups, and securing funding for sporting club facility upgrades to accommodate our growing female sports participation;

•  Maximising commercial returns and establishing new income streams to reduce reliance on rates.

•  Ensuring inclusive community consultation where all voices are heard equally.

Your vote does count, send a clear message about Melville's future.

Mobile:  0417 926 672

Postal Address:  15 Nolan Way BATEMAN 6150



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