Council Meetings & COVID-19

In response to the COVID 19 social distancing requirements, the declared state of emergency and for the health and wellbeing of Elected Members, staff and the public, from 6 April 2020 until further notice, all City of Melville Agenda Briefing Forums and Council meetings may be held via electronic means as permitted by the amendments to the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996 (WA) that were passed by Parliament on 25 March 2020. 

Due to the State of Emergency declared in Western Australia, effective 16 March 2020 and the subsequent government directives with regard to public gatherings, the public are unable to attend this meeting. The minutes and audio recording of the meeting will be available on the City’s website as soon as practicable after the meeting to meet the requirements of Regulation 14E(3)(b)(i) of the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996 (WA).

Public Question Time and Deputations

Public question time and deputations will continue to occur during electronic meetings and the City encourages members of the public who wish to raise a question or make a deputation to submit their information electronically using the following online forms:

The City will make every endeavour to provide responses to any submissions at the meetings.  All submissions will form part of an electronic meeting and will be recorded in the Minutes of the Council meeting.

State of Emergency Forms

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State of Emergency Deputation Request FormPDF - 61.7KB

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