History and Council Decisions


In 2006, the City commissioned work concerning sporting strategies, the result of which highlighted declining numbers of pennant bowls players at both Mt Pleasant and Melville Bowling Clubs. 

In 2009, this work then informed the Lawn Bowls Report 2009, which recommended the City give future consideration to the potential merging of existing bowling clubs to assist with sustainability for the Clubs. The Lawn Bowls Report 2009, again noted the pressures on Clubs and decline in pennant numbers.

In 2011, a further Report investigating the provision of various sporting and playing fields in the City was undertaken.  A key recommendation from this Report was to prepare a Master Plan for Tompkins Park to include Melville Bowling Club. This work commenced in 2012-2013.

In April 2015, a Councillor Motion was put to Council to investigate the possible relocation of Mt Pleasant Bowling Club to Shirley Strickland Reserve. To investigate this it was imperative to review and consider the changes and trends in the sport of lawn bowls since the earlier Lawn Bowls Report 2009, which would result in the City of Melville Lawn Bowls Strategy, Final Report May 2016.

Pennant Players and Social Bowls/Memberships

The scope for the Lawn Bowls Strategy, Final Report May 2016, also required the Consultant to examine both the decline in the number of pennant players, and increase in social bowls and social membership, albeit the key role of Bowls Clubs is about the sport of Bowls.

As such, the City of Melville Lawn Bowls Strategy, Final Report May 2016 commented upon the role such Clubs have in supporting the local community, the situation of increasing social bowls and its importance to Clubs, and the future role of continued community access. Despite this, there has been public criticism the Report did not consider social membership which is incorrect.

To-date, pennant bowls participation has continued to decline, nationally, within Western Australia and within the City of Melville.  There has been no growth, only decline across City of Melville.  While the Leeming Bowling Club has shown growth with the installation of a further bowling green, this appears is contrary to the decline of other Clubs, and at a City and State wide level does not appear to be new growth. 

Council Decisions

The following decisions have occurred through formal Council process and are binding, which in turn informs the work City staff must undertake.

  • June 2016 - Lawn Bowls Report

"Endorses the model of future Bowls facilities forming part of a sporting hub that provides contemporary bowls facilities and shared amenities with other tenants to accommodate large number of bowlers in fewer facilities throughout the City.”

  • June 2016 - Council directs Chief Executive officer to investigate alternative uses for the land at both Bowls sites at Mt Pleasant and Melville Bowling Clubs.

"That the Council;

5. directs the Chief Executive Officer to:

a) investigate and report to the Council suitable future recreational uses of the existing Melville Bowling Club site for a possible financial contribution towards the redeveloped facilities at Tompkins Park and development of community sporting hubs.

b) investigate and report to the Council suitable future uses for the existing Mt Pleasant Bowling Club site for possible financial contribution towards the development of community sporting hubs and the local replacement of Public Open Space at the current location."

  • Lawn Bowls Report to Council Meeting in October 2016

“Endorses Tompkins Park as the central northern site for any future development of lawn bowls in the north of the City of Melville.

Directs the Chief Executive Officer to:

b) facilitate the Melville Bowling Club and the Mount Pleasant Bowling Club to amalgamate and relocate to a new bowls facility at the expanded Tompkins Park Hub; and

c) progress and expedite the Tompkins Park Concept Plan for the Councils endorsement.”

5. By absolute majority decision agrees that upon the relocation and amalgamation of the Melville and Mount Pleasant Bowling Clubs at Tompkins Park, any self supporting loan liabilities owed to the City by those clubs be extinguished and the associated costs be charged to the Tompkins Park Redevelopment Project.

  • October 2016 - Council endorsement of the Department Sport and Recreations funding application for funds to assist with the Mt Pleasant and Melville Bowling Clubs relocation.  Funding awarded January 2017 of $700,000 towards new facility
  • November 2016 - Future Use Options of Melville Bowling Club site

Council endorsed to advertise for submissions for the Wave Park Group proposal:

Approves the Proposal for advertising of the Business Case and groundlease proposal as per the requirements of Section 3.59 of the Local Government Act 1995; and

Directs the Chief Executive Officer to report to the Council at the conclusion of the advertising.

  • February 2017 - Council endorsed proceeding to lease negotiations with the Wave Park Group

By absolute majority decision authorises the Chief Executive Officer to proceed with the drafting and negotiation of a ground lease agreement with Wave Park Group Pty Ltd;

  • November 2016 - Future Use Options of Mt Pleasant Bowling Club site

“That the Council:

Authorises the Chief Executive Officer to progress the negotiations with the Department of Lands to acquire the site being Lot 2018 (Reserve 27046) at 40 Bedford Road, Ardross or joint venture the development of the site and conduct all necessary due diligence, including necessary community consultation, and planning to ensure completion of the Business Case for approval by the Council prior to submission to the Department of Lands for the purpose of obtaining State Government Cabinet consent;”

“Endorses the next step of the project to commence engagement with the community with a view to arriving at a suitable concept design for the site which will in turn inform the due diligence/Business Case phase.”

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