City of Melville reminds pool and spa owners to ensure their facilities are safe

30 November 2021

Private pool and spa owners across the City of Melville are being reminded to comply with the State Government requirements.

Private pool and spa owners across the City of Melville are being reminded to comply with the State Government requirements to have barriers around swimming pools or spas, and help prevent drowning tragedies.

City of Melville Mayor the Hon. George Gear JP said everyone in the community had a responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of others, and as having a pool was a large part of Australian life, especially in summer, home pool safety was critical.

“We’ve all heard sad reports in the media recently of drownings in pools, and it’s a timely reminder that we need to ensure these facilities are safe for our family and friends,” said Mayor Gear.

“The City undertakes inspections to ensure private pools and spas comply with the States Government’s safety regulations and to help people understand what compliance really means the City has a Rules for Pools and Spas checklist, which clearly outlines the safety standards and requirements, and also highlights specific information regarding the safety of children.

“Children in particular are naturally curious, and this can often lead to them accessing pool or spa areas.

“A compliant pool barrier can often be the difference between a child being able to enter a pool area or not, and plays an important part in the prevention and reduction of drowning tragedies involving children.”

The City of Melville operates a swimming pool compliance program to ensure all swimming pool and spa barriers/fences meet the Building Regulations 2012 and Australian Standards, and inspects pools and spas at least once every four years.

Under the Building Regulations 2012 (WA), all private swimming pools and spas that contain water more than 300mm deep must have a compliant barrier or fence installed to restrict young children from accessing the area.

The infringement penalty for non-compliant enclosures of private swimming pools and spas is $1,000, in accordance with the Building Regulations 2012.

For further information, visit our Residential Swimming Pools snd Spa webpage or contact 1300 635 845 | 9364 0666.

For detailed information on the requirements for swimming pool and spa safety barriers/fences, refer to the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety rules for pools and spas. They have also produced an easy-to-understand pool safety checklist.

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