City of Melville launches its Dementia Awareness video series

17 June 2021

The City of Melville has developed a series of educational videos to raise awareness of dementia.

The City of Melville has developed a series of educational videos to raise awareness of dementia and promote its Melville Age Friendly Accessible Business Network (MAFAB) resources to help support the local business community, after receiving grant funding from the Department of Communities.

The three videos each depict a scenario of a person living with dementia in the community visiting public places, including a café, bank and supermarket, and how other members in the community and their interactions can affect them and their companions.

City of Melville Mayor the Hon George Gear JP said Melville had the second highest number of people living with dementia compared to other local governments in WA, which meant it was extremely important to raise awareness in the local community.

“Supporting people living with dementia is a whole community effort, and it is important we feel empowered and know how to be there for each other,” said Mayor Gear.

“I am proud of the local community effort that has gone into the production of this video series, with video casting held at the Melville Theatre Company and local community actors and actresses featuring in each of the three videos.

“A retired employee whose partner lives with dementia helped write the video scripts to ensure a true lived experience of dementia is portrayed in the videos.”

Mind The Change Inc. a not-for-profit group that challenges dementia by encouraging the development of creative minds provided expert advice to ensure that the films were realistic and assisted actors and actresses at rehearsals to understand behaviours and symptoms of dementia.

A quiz was also developed as an educational resource tool for businesses to learn in-depth information about dementia, and what businesses can do to improve the experience of their customers living with dementia.

The quiz can be used as a standalone resource, or alongside the three videos, and is available on the MAFAB web page.

A survey follows on from the quiz to collate qualitative and quantitative data to analyse the effectiveness of the resources as a way to educate businesses on how they can become more dementia-friendly.

To view the videos visit the links below:




For MAFAB resources and information supporting local businesses, including the dementia quiz, visit our MAFAB page.

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