City of Melville continues work to keep Farrington Road safe

12 August 2021

The City of Melville is responding to community concerns about safety along a section of Farrington Road.

The City of Melville is responding to community concerns about safety along a section of Farrington Road by installing speed cushions and resuming the collection of  traffic and speed data, which will inform recommendations to Main Roads WA (MRWA) about reducing the speed limit

The City has installed the speed cushions at the entries to the four roundabouts along a section of Farrington Road, east of the Kwinana Freeway to Karel Avenue, with the measure designed to improve safety conditions.

City of Melville Mayor the Hon. George Gear JP said the intention behind the installation of the speed cushions was to reduce crashes and vehicle speeds.

“We are welcoming feedback from the community about the speed cushions and the speed limit along Farrington Road,” said Mayor Gear.

“The City’s priority for all Farrington Road users, whether they are in a vehicle, on wheels or a pedestrian is safety.”

Mayor Gear said the City had received feedback from some community members who wanted the section of Farrington Road turned into a suburban road by changing the speed limit from 60kmh to 50kmh.

“Now that traffic conditions have almost returned to normal, following the construction of the Murdoch Drive Connection and the COVID-19 lockdowns during 2020 and 2021, the City will resume the collection of speed and traffic data in September 2021,” said Mayor Gear.

“Following an evaluation of the community survey and data on vehicle speed and traffic volumes, the City will then be in a position to understand if an application to Main Roads WA to reduce the speed limit to 50kmh along Farrington Road, as desired by the community, can be justified with appropriate data.

Mayor Gear saidFarrington Road was currently classified as a District Distributor A Road. 

“This type of road generally expected to carry up to 25,000 vehicles per day (vpd) and usually has a speed limit of 60kmh,” said Mayor Gear.

“This compares to traffic count data from 2018 prior to when the major Murdoch Drive Connection construction began, indicated volumes of up to 20,000 vpd.

“With the Murdoch Drive Connection construction now complete, MRWA traffic modelling predicts the new road connection will result in a decrease of traffic volume on Farrington Road down to 16,100 vpd in 2021, later increasing to 19,400 vpd by 2031.

“Traffic speed data has indicated that vehicles are travelling within the speed limits along most sections of Farrington Road, with only some experiencing up to 63kmh (85th percentile) in the section east of Kwinana Freeway to Karel Avenue, and crashes mostly related to roundabout locations.”

Submissions about traffic and road safety on Farrington Road and the speed reduction measures are open until 4.00pm Thursday, 30 September 2021.

For more information about the community engagement, visit the Farrington Road Speed Traffic Speed Cushion Trail webpage.

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