The year of social & sustainable procurement at Melville

11 March 2019

2019 is the year of social and sustainable procurement at the City of Melville.

2019 is the year of social and sustainable procurement at the City of Melville, a focus which the City believes will contribute towards positive social, economic and environmental impacts for our community, our City and more broadly.

City of Melville Chief Executive Officer Marten Tieleman said the long term impact of social and sustainable procurement could have far reaching impacts on individuals, families and communities.

“By focusing on buying goods and services from social and sustainable enterprises, we are hoping to contribute to positively impacting society in some way, whether it be supporting job creation for those in our community who are normally disadvantaged, reducing carbon emissions, eliminating  slavery through the supply chain or helping to build local business,” said Mr Tieleman.

“Our Procurement Team are already working with Australian disability support enterprises who assist people with a disability and/or mental illness to secure and maintain employment and are also using the Aboriginal Business Directory to procure quality products/services across a vast array of offerings.”

Australian Disability Enterprises provide thousands of jobs to people with disabilities, giving them an opportunity to learn, earn and grow.

The Aboriginal Business Directory WA is a key resource for finding products/services provided Aboriginal owned and operated businesses

“We believe that working together, towards a sustainable future, will make an incredible difference in and for our sense of community and the future we all share,” said Mr Tieleman.

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