Local Food Business Prosecuted

11 March 2019

A local City of Melville food business has been prosecuted for food safety offences .

A local City of Melville food business has been prosecuted for food safety offences relating to cleanliness of equipment and premises, exposing food to risk of contamination and failing to maintain satisfactory standards.

The business pleaded guilty and was fined $22,000 plus $3,500 costs.

Mayor Russell Aubrey said the City was committed to keeping citizens Safe and Secure, a key community aspiration, and that one of the important roles of the City’s Public Health department was to ensure local food businesses follow safe food practices. 

“Our Environmental Health Officers carried out a routine inspection in April 2018, and determined the local business was not complying with the Food Standards Code. This was following a prior history with this particular business, where infringement and improvement notices had been issued after inspections and the business advised the City would bring a prosecution if the standards were not maintained,” said Mayor Aubrey.

“While the prosecution was only finalised this month, the business has worked hard since the inspection last April to improve and maintain their standards, and I am thrilled to confirm they now hold a three star rating under our Scores on the Doors Scheme. I congratulate them for turning this around.”

The City of Melville Scores on the Doors Scheme is voluntary for local businesses, and those that do sign up are assessed and then issued with a rating of up to five stars. The business can then display their certificate on premises, helping the community to make safer, healthier choices when eating out.

“With an estimated 4.1 million cases of food poisoning recorded in Australia each year and an average of over nearly 32,000 people ending up hospital, another one million visiting a doctor and tragically 86 cases becoming fatal each year, food poisoning is a serious issue and cannot be ignored.”

To find out more about how the City's Environmental Health Officers provide services to help ensure compliance with the Health Act and its Regulations, please visit www.melvillecity.com.au/our-community/community-health-and-wellbeing/public-health.

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