I want to Ride my Bicycle

12 March 2019

In Bike Week 2019 the City of Melville invites all ages and abilities to come along to several subsidised or free programs that encourage safe riding practices.

In celebration of Bike Week 2019 which runs from Friday, 15 to Sunday, 24 March the City of Melville invites all ages and abilities to come along to several subsidised or free programs that encourage safe riding practices.

Focussing on building confidence within the community to use a more sustainable and connected form of transport, the programs are designed to inform bike riders of all levels in how to maintain their bikes to a safe standard, teach or refresh bike riders with safe riding skills and provide support when organising group rides.

City of Melville Mayor, Russell Aubrey said the programs; Back on your Bike, Bicycle Maintenance and the Community Bike Ride allows everyone to explore cycling as a way to travel, in a safe, informed environment.

“Whether you’re new to riding, picking up an old set of wheels, or looking to connect with regular local bike riders to form your own group, our programs are designed to encourage people not to be shy and attend these workshops and learn accurate information, and tips and tricks to get you riding safely,” said Mayor Aubrey.

“We know that cycling reduces road congestion and greenhouse gas emissions, improves your energy levels by 20% and decreases fatigue by 65%. It is also a great way to travel around and appreciate our beautiful City, including local parks, reserves, river foreshore and buildings.”

“Grab your friends, neighbours or family and get yourself booked and get back on your bike.”

City of Melville resident and member of the Melville Bike User group, Evan Biggs shares his joy of riding and at the age of 83 has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

“It’s an easy way to keep fit, if you’re feeling tired just go a bit slower. It’s just the case of a very brief refresher course to give you the confidence to get back on the bike, and with so many cycle paths you don’t need to go on the road,”

“I am not a racer, the bikes only half my age and we seem to get along together.” Evan Biggs said.

Part-funded and supported by the Department of Transport and West Cycle, participants in the programs will be able to brush up on the basics, hand-signalling, dismounting and safe riding skills, know what to do if ever faced with a flat tyre, attend a maintenance course or learn how to lead a group social ride, all the while making new friends and forming connections with fellow bike riders in the community.

Participants have the option of attending the refresher course without owning their own bike, to assist those who are currently looking at purchasing their own bike to learn important key safety information and get a feel for riding first.

For more information please visit www.melvillecity.com.au/bikeweek2019 or call 1300 635 845 | 9364 0666.

Video: Bike Week 2019 – I want to Ride my Bicycle

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