Hear the history of Wireless Hill at the ART IN PLACE installation

1 March 2019

The City is pleased to announce its next ART IN PLACE installation, SONIC HILL.

The City's next ART IN PLACE installation, SONIC HILL, will be site-specific audio sculpture at Wireless Hill by Agency 296; Tom Mùller and Ned Beckley.

Wireless Hill has been a place of communication for thousands of years, previously by the Bibbulmun people as a look out and place to send smoke signals, and as the site of the Applecross Wireless Station from 1912 to 1968.

The Applecross Wireless Station was one of Australia’s first links with radio technology, and was used for telecommunications during World War One and World War Two. Using morse code, the station communicated with ships off the Australian coast using a mast that was 112 metres tall.

The sculpture, which takes the form of a telecommunications tower, will broadcast a soundscape that explores this rich history. A LED light within the sculpture will change in sync with the audio.

It is a nodding tribute to the past and present towers that surround it and the communication lines that have grown and developed from the site, both indigenous and technical innovations from hunting and gathering to morse code and mobile technology.

City of Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey said SONIC HILL is the City’s second ART IN PLACE installation, and follows on from the very successful Confluence installation in June last year.

“ART IN PLACE is our new series of temporary public artworks that aims to engage the community by giving residents and visitors unique opportunities to experience and encounter contemporary art in significant and accessible locations across the City,” Mayor Aubrey said.

“Our first ART IN PLACE commission, Confluence, responded to the theme of Spotlight, where we asked for commissions that encourage audiences to look above the ground, toward the horizon and up, to where the water, earth and built environment meet the skyline, in order to create new lines of sight, altered experiences and encounters at a significant location in Melville.

Confluence was very successful with more than 3,000 people joining us over four nights in June for a celebration of light and art on the banks of the Applecross foreshore, as designs by illustrator and artist Kambarni (Kamsani Bin Salleh) were projected onto a flotilla of boats by artists VJzoo (Kat Black and Jasper Cook) during the dead of the night.

“Our second commission, SONIC HILL, responds to the same brief as Confluence, and puts a spotlight on the history and cultural importance of Wireless Hill as a site for community and young audiences to engage with and to learn from the past and the present.”

SONIC HILL opens on Friday, 12 April 2019 and will run daily from 5.00pm to 9.00pm until Sunday, 28 April, excluding Sunday, 21 April and Anzac Day, Thursday, 25 April. An artist talk will take place at 7.00pm on Saturday, 27 April.

For more information on SONIC HILL, visit www.melvillecity.com.au/sonichill  or call 1300 635 845 | 9364 0666.

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