The City of Melville continues focus on community wellbeing

13 June 2019

96% of Melville residents surveyed have reported a positive quality of life (wellbeing).

96% of Melville residents surveyed have reported a positive quality of life (wellbeing) and 98% are optimistic about their future according to the newly published results of the City’s 2019 Community Wellbeing Survey.

Mayor Russell Aubrey said the City’s vision was Working together to achieve community wellbeing, for today and tomorrow so the results of the survey were encouraging.

“The wellbeing of our residents is why we are here, and according to these survey results, our community are telling us that life in Melville is good and getting better for them,” said Mayor Aubrey.

“Community wellbeing is our vision and purpose and is embedded in everything we do. This survey is our key indicator for understanding and measuring wellbeing, and I believe we are one of only a few local governments to do so.

“Through work previously done with the community, our residents told us there are six outcomes that impact their sense of wellbeing, and in this survey, for the very first time, we measured those outcomes. These are; Clean and Green, Safe and Secure, Healthy Lifestyles, Growth and Prosperity, Sense of Community and, Sustainable and Connected Transport.

“Measuring our resident’s perception of these outcomes enables us to respond and adapt in a way that has a positive impact on their wellbeing and helps ensure we are always focused, where it most counts.

“Sometimes this means our many roles as a local government, including partner, facilitator, funder, regulator or monitor may change. At other times, this means we need to change the products and services we provide.  Whatever we do, we must respond and balance the diverse needs of our community to more positively impact their wellbeing.

“Our community’s perception of their wellbeing has increased to 96% in the 2019 survey, returning to the previous levels of wellbeing seen in 2011 and 2009.

“I am also pleased to report an increase in our residents optimism about their future in 5 years, with 98% feeling optimistic compared to 95% in 2017.

“The community’s input is invaluable in understanding how our residents are feeling about their quality of life and their future, and we thank everyone who took the time to participate in this important survey.

“We look forward to continuing to work with our community to make Melville an even better place to live well in, and we welcome every opportunity to do so.

“We invite the community to visit where they can view the full survey and results.”


The Community Wellbeing Survey is conducted independently every two years and helps the City measure our residents’ wellbeing (quality of life). This community feedback helps to inform the City’s role in providing services, facilitating, partnering, funding, collaborating and advocating to meet the current needs of our diverse community.

The survey was conducted by Edith Cowan University Survey Research Centre (ECU SRC) which is accredited to international standards for social research (ISO 20252).  ECU SRC used a telephone database of landline and mobile numbers to survey the City’s residents, meeting quotas that were set for gender, age and suburb to match the demographic composition of the City according to the 2016 Australian Bureau of Statistics Census.

Residents were asked to answer a series of questions and were requested to select an answer that best describes their current life. The survey also included two open-ended questions, both asking what more could be done in the community (a top priority and second priority) to support community wellbeing.

The survey results and detailed data will now assist the City with future decision-making regarding roles, actions, projects and resourcing, and will contribute towards the City becoming more effective in supporting the community’s needs and overall wellbeing

As the survey deliberately asks broad questions, the City may also seek to further investigate areas of concern or unexpected results, to gain understanding at a more detailed level.

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