City of Melville to introduce paid parking at Riseley Centre

6 June 2019

The City of Melville is lifting time restrictions & introducing paid parking with the first hour free to a number of parking bays at the busy Riseley Centre.

The City of Melville is lifting time restrictions and introducing paid parking with the first hour free to the car parking bays it controls on Kearns Crescent, Simpson Street, and Wilcock Street.

This is another step in implementing the City’s Parking Management Plan for the area which was adopted by Council in 2016. The plan was developed in response to requests from the community and local businesses to improve parking and access to the busy activity centre. It contains short, medium and long term actions with the introduction of paid parking one of the short term actions to be implemented within two years of plan adoption.

City of Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey said although the City only manages a small proportion of the parking in the area, the move to paid parking will help free up short term parking bays by increasing turnover in the sought-after area for customers and visitors patronising nearby businesses.

“Local businesses and customers have been telling us for many years that parking is an issue in this area and that there is ‘not enough parking’ to meet demand,” Mayor Aubrey said.

“What research for the plan actually found was that there is sufficient parking spaces in the area overall, but parking spots in prime locations close to the major activity hubs, which should be for customers, visitors and short term parking, are at high occupancy throughout the day as they are being used for by staff from nearby businesses and people parking for long periods of time.

“By introducing paid parking with first hour free in these prime locations, we encourage the use of these bays for short term parking, increasing parking turnover and freeing up bays for visitors and customers. Those parking for longer periods are still able to park in the area, but in free bays a bit further away which are underutilised most of the time.

“This is a win-win for customers and nearby businesses, as it should make it easier for customers and visitors to find a park which in turn increases the number of people patronising the area leading to higher turnover for those businesses.”

“It’s important to note that the City can only manage parking it owns, which for Riseley Centre is only about 30% of the approximate 1,000 parking bays in the area. The other 70% of bays are on private land and are privately managed.

“As a result, we don’t have control over the majority of the parking in the area and strongly encourage local businesses and landowners to take responsibility for managing parking on their land and providing parking options for their customers.”

The changes will come into effect from Monday, 1 July 2019. Users will be able to pay via parking machines or by using the EasyPark app which can be downloaded from the Apple ITunes Store or Google Play.

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