City Asks Residents How They Want to Get Involved

4 February 2019

We are asking residents to find their voices and tell us how they want to get involved in local government!

This is the first step in implementing the City’s new Stakeholder Engagement Strategy, which aims to increase community involvement in local governance by opening up opportunities for when it can happen,  increasing public understanding about what local government actually does and how, and increasing connections between Elected Members and the community.

City of Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey said the City would like to make it as easy as possible for the community to have their say and get involved in City decisions.

“For most people, getting involved with their local government may be limited to voting every other year in the Local Government Election, which is of course very important, however our community can get involved in other ways and work together with us on a variety of strategies, projects and plans as well,” Mayor Aubrey said.

“By filling in the survey, we will gain a better understanding of what topics our community wants to engage with, how they would like to be engaged by the City and what might be stopping them from getting involved. We will then look at our own processes to make it as easy as we can for people to get involved and have their say on the things that most interest or affect them.”

The online survey is open from Monday, 4 February 2019 to Friday, 15 February 2019, and the results will be taken to a focus group for discussion, with the aim to identify incentives/barriers to participation, review community preferences for interaction and engagement, and develop a draft community education proposal.

The City’s Stakeholder Engagement Strategy was developed early last year in collaboration with a Combined Stakeholder Reference Group, and was presented to the community for feedback before being submitted to Council where it was endorsed for implementation.

The online survey and more information on the City’s Stakeholder Engagement Strategy can be found at

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