Murdoch Shared Path making it easier than ever to walk ride or roll to destinations

15 August 2019

The Murdoch Drive shared path from Leach Highway to South Street in Murdoch is now open.

The Murdoch Drive shared path from Leach Highway to South Street in Murdoch is now open, strengthening the City’s approach to its 2012-2022 Community Plan and South East Neighbourhood Plan.

This project was identified by the community as a key priority with many residents, expressing a desire for more safe and connected walking and cycling options throughout the City.

City of Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey said the finalised Murdoch Drive Shared Path had already received tremendous feedback from residents who have discovered the new, smooth, shared path running through the trees along Murdoch Drive.

“For those who haven’t spotted it, the path runs along the western side of Murdoch Drive, heading south from Leach Highway passing Corpus Christi and Yidarra Catholic Primary School and extends all the way to South Street, connecting to Murdoch and Bull Creek train stations, Murdoch University and the two hospitals,” Mayor Aubrey said.

“Cycling and walking are important forms of active transport, not only by those wanting to get to Point A to Point B, but by a growing band of people connecting with family and nature while enjoying light exercise and fresh air cycling on our shared paths.”

“The shared path is safer and easier for pedestrians and cyclists to access Murdoch Activity Centre and Murdoch Health Precinct, as well as nearby Corpus Christi College, Yidarra Catholic Primary School and Murdoch University.”

“The path is for all residents but in particular those that live in Winthrop, Murdoch and Bateman. The wider school communities of Yidarra Catholic Primary School and Corpus Christi College will also benefit.”

“It forms part of a bigger cycle network throughout the City and also gives local residents a safer and more active option for accessing Murdoch and Bull Creek train stations.”

Mayor Aubrey said the new shared path was another City project that continued to deliver upon the community’s aspirations including; Sustainable and Connected Transport, Healthy Lifestyles, Sense of Community and Safe and Secure.

During the path construction process, it was necessary to remove mature vegetation in some areas to accommodate the wider path and required retaining structures. The City values vegetation and seeks to minimise removal wherever possible, unfortunately this resulted in the unavoidable loss of mature plants along Fennessy Green.  The landscaping work involving new trees, shrubs and groundcovers that followed the path construction has quickly established and is expected to reach maturity in a few seasons.

The City also established a temporary screen fence to provide visual screening and privacy for the residents, which will remain in place until the vegetation has adequately matured.

The shared path was one of 24 recommendations put forward in the City of Melville’s Bike Plan 2012 and was 50 per cent funded through the Department of Transport’s WA Bicycle Network Plan.

For more information, visit or contact 1300 635 845 | 9364 0666.

Video: Murdoch Shared Path - Walk, Cycle, Roll!

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