e-Waste Now Collected During Bulk and Whitegoods Collections

20 September 2018

The City of Melville is now collecting e-Waste items during its Bulk and Whitegoods Verge Collections. 

While the City also holds two annual e-waste collections, in 2017-18 five tonnes of e-waste was collected. 

At the City’s April 2018 e-waste collection 121 residents brought 432 e-waste items and at the most recent collection in September 2018, 304 residents brought out 1, 022 e-waste items for recycling, filling a 30 cubic metre bin, roughly the size of two large removalist trucks. 

City of Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey said e-waste could now be collected separately and recycled during the City’s Bulk and Whitegoods Verge Collections, instead of it going into landfill. 

“Other City’s similar to the size of Melville collect, on average, a tonne of e-waste per week during their verge collections so the City of Melville could divert more than 12 tonnes of e-waste from landfill,” Mayor Aubrey said. 

“The City is committed to creating and sustaining a clean and green environment and now allowing residents to include e-waste items in their Bulk and Whitegoods Verge Collections, the City is diverting waste that would otherwise be buried in landfill and recycling it.” 

For more information visit, www.melvillecity.com.au/waste or call 1300 635 845 | 9364 0666.

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