City Seeking Feedback on Proposed Safe Active Streets Concept Design

9 October 2018

The City is seeking feedback from local residents and road users on a project to create a series of safe active streets.

Safe active streets are local streets with few cars, travelling at low speeds that prioritise bicycling and enhance conditions for walking. They are an important, new part of Perth’s transport network, offering safe and comfortable routes for people riding bikes and this project will link Garden City Shopping Centre and Riseley Street Activity Centre.

The City is seeking specific feedback on the concept design for the proposed Links Road Safe Active Street project via the City’s online community engagement platform, Melville Talks, where community members can find out more about the Department of Transport’s Safe Active Streets Program, and provide feedback on the concept design using an interactive map of the route.

City of Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey said providing safe, high-quality walkways, footpaths and cycle paths that provide access to facilities and services was a high priority for the City, and aligned with the community aspiration for Sustainable and Connected Transport.

“The community has expressed a desire to reduce their dependence on cars and for better and safer walking and cycling facilities throughout the City of Melville. This was identified during community consultation for the 2012-2022 Community Plan and in a recent survey of residents by external consultant, Catalyse,” Mayor Aubrey said.

“A major issue raised by the community during consultation was that road traffic in City of Melville streets needs to be better controlled and therefore safer. Particular reference was made to children being at risk from road traffic when travelling to and from school.

“The proposed route for the safe active streets encompass Links Road, Collier Road south of Millington Street, Millington Street east of Collier Road, Hope Road north of Millington Street, and Willcock Street, passing by two schools.

“If it goes ahead, it will provide a safe and defined active link between Garden City Shopping Centre and Riseley Street Activity Centre, helping create a safer, slow speed environment that encourages students to walk and cycle to school, as well as offer more options for those wanting to take an active form of transport between these two points.”

Those wanting to give feedback have until 5.00pm Friday, 26 October 2018. Following the engagement period, community members are invited to attend a workshop at the City to hear the outcomes from the consultation and encouraged to ask questions of the experts involved in the project.

The final detailed design will then be developed, taking into consideration community feedback, and made available for public comment before referral to Council for endorsement.

If approved, construction will begin in 2019-2020, with the project fully-funded by the Department of Transport through their Safe Active Streets Program, with ongoing maintenance included in the City’s standard asset maintenance schedules, which is not expected to cost more than maintaining a normal road.

For more information on the Links Road Safe Active Streets project and to provide feedback visit or call 1300 635 845 | 9364 0666 for assistance.

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