City of Melville Salutes Retiring CEO

24 May 2018

After 10 years of service, Dr Shayne Silcox, City of Melville CEO, will retire from his current position and Local Government career on Monday, 30 July 2018.

Mayor Russell Aubrey paid tribute to the outgoing civic leader who joined the City as CEO in 2008 after four years leading the administration of the City of Belmont and before that the City of Nedlands.
Shayne is an acknowledged leader in the field of Local Government receiving numerous awards for outstanding public service and contribution and today was presented with a ten-year Service Award from the City of Melville by City of Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey.
“Shayne’s dedication and his skill are undeniable and he has been honoured with numerous awards throughout his career,” Mayor Aubrey said.
These include; 
  • National President of Local Government Officers.
  • Local Government Managers Australia Medal.
  • Local Government CEO of the Year.
  • AIM Western Australian Leader of the Year.
  • Western Australian Local Government Association’s Distinguished Officers Award. 
  • The Commonwealth Public Service Medal awarded in 2012 for outstanding public service, particularly to Local Government in Western Australia. 
“This is not one of those occasions when we say the required nice things about a departing person and then move on easily. 
“Shayne’s contribution to our community has quite literally been transformative. When he came to us we were dealing with many challenges as a Local Government authority – not the least of which was a global financial crisis.
“His leadership has moved us forward with the major issues he inherited now resolved.”
Under his stewardship the City of Melville has come to be recognised as an Australian leader in Local Government administration with recognition in all key areas:
  • Top Local Government in the State in Financial Sustainability. 
  • One of the lowest ‘rate in the dollar’ Cities in the State.
  • Top Local Government in the State in Planning. 
  • Top Government Organisation Nationally in Service Excellence.
  • First in the State with Safe City Status.
  • Gold Status in Organisational Safety Performance.
  • First in State with Age-Friendly Status. 
  • Australasian Champions in Community Consultation Processes.
  • United Nations Gold – ‘Most Liveable City’ (<200,000 population).
  • Gold in Disability Services. 
  • Top in Human Resource Management. 
  • United Nations Gold – ‘Most Sustainable City’ all categories.
Mayor Aubrey said the direct benefits to residents of a successful and high functioning administration were probably not as well understood as they should be.
“As we’ve found, it’s easy to dismiss the importance of a good Local Government when all you read about is one group at odds with another, but it’s fitting that we put that aside and acknowledge Shayne’s great contribution to making Melville a wonderful place to live,” he said.
“It’s a huge shame that in recent years our great achievements have largely gone unrecognised and that Shayne’s role in getting us to the top – and keeping us there, has not been appreciated as the huge achievement that it is.”
On a personal level, Mayor Aubrey said that the retiring CEO had given the City wings and helped elevate it in terms of success and sustainability.
This was supported by the City’s 2018 Community Perception and Business Surveys which found that 100% of residents saw the City as a great place to live, 96% of businesses felt that Melville was a good place to operate a business, and 86% of businesses saw Melville as a good organisation. 
In addition, the City had set an industry benchmark across 17 service domains and remained the top Local Government in community perceptions/satisfaction for those Local Governments with a resident base over 80,000 people. 
“At all times Shayne has supported the Mayor and Councillors of Melville and had been a ‘rock’ for City staff through recent turbulent times,” Mayor Aubrey said.
“We have all benefitted from his efforts and leadership over the past decade – particularly in helping to turn around the City’s finances, getting services working more efficiently, and very importantly reducing the rate burden on our community, which has been a key priority for the City.
“This year our recommended rate increase in the dollar is just 0.9% – the lowest increase for the last 20 years, well below the level of inflation, and at a time when we are also investing significantly in services and amenities for the benefit of all City of Melville residents.” 
Dr Silcox said he was proud of the City of Melville and particularly of its hard working staff.
“In retiring from my CEO career, I will especially miss my dedicated and valued colleagues who have worked hard to help develop the City and provide excellence to the Melville community,” he said.
“I thank them for their professionalism, unwavering commitment and support.
“I would also like to acknowledge the importance of good working relationships between myself, Mayor Aubrey and Councillors in achieving great outcomes for the City.”
Dr Silcox will retire on Monday, 30 July and the City will now commence an Australia-wide recruitment search for a new administrative leader. 

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