Neighbourhood Watch Awards City Gold Award

26 March 2018

Neighbourhood Watch WA (NHW) has awarded Melville with the Local Government Participation Gold Award.

With a State objective for neighbourhoods to work together to prevent crime and create a safe Environment for everyone, the NHW State Office created the local Government participation awards, to acknowledge the contributions made by local Governments in supporting their objective.

Having held the position of the City of Melville’s Neighbourhood Watch Chairperson for 10 years, Atul Garg wholeheartedly believes in the program and said that volunteering in the NHW for the last 25 years had made his life meaningful.

“Created by the WA Police, NHW contributes tremendously to the overall safety and security within the City, infact in all the suburbs where the residents are constantly watching out for suspicious people and activities, there are reduced incidents of crime,” Mr Garg said.

“The NHW program means a lot to its team of volunteers who are all equally passionate about it, and we are extremely lucky and thankful to be supported by the City of Melville. We are proud of the fact that together we are all making a big difference in the community."

The Gold Award certificate was presented to Mayor Russell Aubrey at the start of the bi-monthly NHW Committee meeting on Monday, 19 February.

Mayor Russell Aubrey said the Gold award reassured the City it was achieving its commitment to support residents and promote crime prevention, in particular its support and contribution to the NHW program, which is an important initiative of the City’s overall 2017 - 2021 Safer Melville Plan,” said Mayor Aubrey.

“This level of recognition gives the City confidence we are delivering on a large number of criteria and I congratulate our staff and our community, the Safer Melville Advisory Committee, the WA Police and of course Neighbourhood Watch WA for their important partnerships in achieving a Safer Melville for everyone.”

For information about creating a Safer Melville please visit or call 1300 635 845 | 9364 0669.

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