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In April 2017 the City of Melville entered into a conditional ground lease agreement for the development of a Wave Park surf, recreation and leisure facility in Alfred Cove.

If all the conditions are met and approvals from the relevant State Government agencies are received, the Wave Park facility (URBNSURF) will be a unique and transformative first of its kind development for the Melville community and for the State, offering the wider Perth community a brand new sport facility.

For the Melville community this facility will be an addition to their already rich and diverse sports facility offerings.

A transformational project of this type is complex by nature and the City has worked through a long process guided clearly by the Local Government Act andf other relevant legislation to allow the project to be fully considered.

As a condition of the lease, measures are in place to ensure all the appropriate assessments of risks and impacts will be conducted, with the lease requiring the Wave Park Group to secure approvals from a large number of external State Government agencies.

The onus is now on the Wave Park Group to meet the lease  approvals and conditions before the project can be realised.

In the News

View the 11 June 2018 Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) decision – Tompkins Park Wave Park Project.

Current documents:

View the Ground Lease for Wave Park Surf Sports Recreation & Leisure Facility.

View a Deed of Variation and Amendments to Ground Lease for Wave Park Surf Sports Recreation & Leisure Facility.

Other Documents

For further information and enquiries, call 9364 0666.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of benefits will there be to the community?

The Wave Park development will offer many social and economic benefits including importantly, a financial opportunity to help keep rate increases as low as possible into the future for Melville ratepayers. 

During the construction stage of the project estimates are that of the Wave Park Group's $28.0 million total construction cost for this facility, approximately 20% will be directly returned to the local economy.

51 FTE jobs and $5.2 million could potentially be generated in incomes and salaries 

Once operational the project will also have the potential to deliver: 

  • $25.3 million worth of additional output (including $10.3 million in direct impacts).
  • $11.9 million contribution to GRP (including $4.0 million through direct impacts).
  • $7.6 million in incomes and salaries paid to households (including $2.7 million in direct incomes).
  • Employment totaling 122 FTE jobs (including 53 direct jobs).
  • Increased employment of unskilled and older/youth labour;
  • Increased tourism visitation to other areas within the City of Melville;
  • Increased local participation in sport and sport development opportunities;
  • Improved place activation and more diverse local use of the space;
  • Improved community involvement.
What happens to the site if the Wave Park closes and/or ceases to operate?

Should the Wave Park leave the site, to ensure the site will be rehabilitated for future community use, under the terms of the lease the Rehabilitation costs of the site will be covered by a Bank Guarantee that is independent of the Wave Park Group's financial position. 

The Rehabilitation costs will be assessed by an independent site rehabilitation expert initially, and then increased by CPI each year thereafter, with a further review each five years by an expert as part of this arrangement

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