Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan

Proposed Changes to the Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan


Enhancements to the Plan:

The Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan, operating since 2015, has been the subject of regular review to ensure it best delivers the vision for the precinct.  Recent work has focused on enhancing how the Activity Centre Plan deals with development within the H4 zoneThe H4 zone is the light brown area in the diagram (right), around the edge of the precinct, designated “Residential Up to 4 Storeys”. A separate study, later in 2018, will investigate building heights within the M10 and M15 zones (the blue areas on the plan) in the City of Melville.

Review of the Controls in the H4 Zone:

You have been invited to comment on a range of proposals aimed at enhancing the operation of the H4 zone. In particular the controls are intended to respond to earlier feedback and improve privacy and building bulk outcomes. Although focusing on the H4 zone, some of the proposed initiatives, such as revised definitions, will also apply across the Plan. Whilst the Activity Centre Plan extends across City of South Perth and City of Melville, the current proposals are intended to apply only to land within the City of Melville. Read full details of the proposed amendment to the Activity Centre Plan, including a background/information report.

For any further details contact a Strategic Urban Planner by phoning 9364 0666.

Comment period on the Proposed Amendments is now closed.

The feedback received will assist the Council in finalising the content of the amendment. A final decision on any change to the Activity Centre Plan would be made by the Western Australian Planning Commission.

Canning Bridge Activity Centre

The Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan has been created through a partnership with State Departments and two Local Governments. The unique location has allowed a unique collaborative approach to planning in the area.

The Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan establishes a foundation for the future of the area including objectives and goals for its ongoing development, guidelines for the style of built form which is expected, and an implementation framework for orderly improvements to infrastructure and land over time.

It is proposed that the Activity Centre will comprise a mix of residential, civic, office, retail and entertainment uses against the backdrop of the Swan and Canning Rivers and the adjacent open space.

The Canning Bridge Activity Centre is less than eight kilometres from the Perth CBD, with direct road, public transport, walking and cycling access. The Activity Centre comprises land within both the City of Melville and the City of South Perth and includes a substantial river footprint.

The areas within the City of Melville are identified under two distinct quarters:

  • Q1 “The Kintail Quarter” will be the premier retail area and the driving force behind the employment opportunities in the Canning Bridge Activity Centre
  • Q2  “The Ogilvie Quarter” will be the business quarter and the playground of the western quarter

Anyone wishing to consider development in this area is encouraged to review the design guidelines contained under the Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan document.

Please note that there have been modifications since the document was printed in 2015.  If you have a printed version with the cover date of March 2015, please refer to the list of modifications.

For more information, please contact Customer Service on 9364 0666 and request to speak to a Planning Officer.Canning-Bridge-Logo.jpg

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