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Shirley Strickland Reserve Redevelopment

Shirley Strickland Reserve Redevelopment


Thank you for sharing your feedback about the redevelopment of Shirley Strickland Reserve. Check out the progress on the project page.

Last Updated: 29 July 2020

Engagement Updates

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About the Engagement

Local spaces are important to us all and when we do something to an open, public space, we needed to understand its value to the community.

This engagement followed on from an earlier stage of engagement to develop a concept sketch for an upgrade to Shirley Strickland Reserve. More than 530 people living within 400m of the site participated and approval was received from Council on 16 December 2016 to allocate funds and proceed with the project.

As we moved into the detailed design and construction phase of the project, it was important to understand more about how local residents use the space so that their needs are considered alongside those of sporting clubs and groups. Information shared during this engagement has given us an important insight into how the community use the reserve and informed the design of the proposed community hub at Shirely Strickland Reserve.

A project page is now available with all the latest updates and information during construction.

Visit the project page

Community Involvement

Interactive map with pins dropped by the community

Interactive Map

We asked the community to tell us how Shirley Stickland Reserve contributes to their quality of life. They were able to drop a pin on the interactive map to show:

  • Where they exercise
  • Where they socialise
  • Where their favourite spaces were

We analysed the 225 pins and now we have a real understanding of what is important to the people who live within 400m of the reserve.

Read the data analysis report

Community members attending the workshop for shirley strickland reserve redevelopment

Community Workshop

The community workshop with the architect and art consultants was an opportunity to:

  • be informed about project personnel, details, tasks and timelines
  • see how input on the social map informed us
  • identify preferred options using PollEverywhere
  • ask those burning questions about the project

A master plan was presented by Architects Carl Payne and Mo Abdullah-Lavalette from Donovan Payne Architects who the City of Melville has retained to design and deliver new facilities for Shirley Strickland Reserve. Artists Dr Audrey Fernandes-Satar and Mr Arif Satar also presented their conceptual approach to the creation of artworks for the Shirley Strickland Reserve.

Read the Community Workshop Report


In addition to earlier engagement for the redevelopment of Shirley Strickland Reserve we asked for your feedback about a development application for the proposed replacement of existing and ageing floodlighting infrastructure.and ageing floodlighting infrastructure. The feedback period closed at 4:00pm on Friday, 24 July 2020 with 3 submissions received.

Summary of proposed changes to current lighting

  • There will be a total of 12 floodlight towers on the reserve, lighting the open grass spaces, there are currently 11.
  • The 6 towers on the northern (rectangular) fields are proposed to be 18m high, there is currently varying lighting infrastructure on these fields between 15-20m high.
  • The 4 towers on the main oval space are proposed to be 30m high, to reach the centre of the field, the current towers are approximately 12m high.
  • The proposed lighting on the main oval will have the capability of producing match standard lighting for community based large ball sports, proposed to be junior football on some Friday and potentially some Saturday evenings during Winter.
  • The future use of floodlights will be controlled by the City of Melville and is remotely programmable, match standard lighting will be limited to approved use only.
  • Time parameters of this lighting will also be managed remotely, currently this is reliant on users and basic timers installed to some of the distribution boards.
  • Remote programming of lighting has proven successful at two other reserves in the City of Melville where it is installed (John Connell Reserve and Peter Ellis Reserve, Leeming), it reduces electricity wastage, allows for direct billing of users, automatically reports faults and stops out of hours usage.
  • The current latest allowable use of the floodlighting is 9pm, this is proposed to remain the same in line with City of Melville Local Planning Policy LPP1.16.
  • All proposed floodlighting will be LED, reducing running costs, ongoing maintenance and replacement costs and reducing lighting spill.

View the Floodlighting Plan

Supporting documentation including the Floodlighting Calculations can be found in the document library below.


  • Monday, 16 July 2018
  • Community Consultation on Social Impact
  • Friday, 3 August 2018
  • Community Consultation on Social Impact Closes
  • July/August 2018
  • Architects Appointed
  • 15 October 2018
  • Community Workshop with Architect and Art Consultant
  • October 2018 to February 2019
  • Development Application
  • March 2019
  • Development Application Submitted
  • August 2018 to October 2019
  • Design
    Schematic Design, Art Design, 85% Design Completion, Final Design
  • October 2019
  • Community Update
  • October 2019 to February 2020
  • Preparation of tender documentation
  • May 2020
  • Invite public tenders for construction
    Invite public tenders for construction of Shirley Strickland Redevelopment Project
  • July 2020
  • Tender advertising closed
  • August 2020
  • Present recommendation to council
    Present recommendation to award contract for the construction of the project to Council
  • August 2020
  • Community Update

Take a look through the proposed community hub

The City and its Architectural Design team have developed site plans, floor plans, elevations, sections and landscape designs of the proposed community hub. The landscape design is the most recent addition to this section and some images/videos may not reflect this design as they were produced prior to its publication. Please refer to the landscape design update which includes images and a PDF of the most recent landscape design.

  • Image by Donovan PayneImage by Donovan Payne
  • Image by Donovan PayneImage by Donovan Payne
  • Image by Donovan PayneImage by Donovan Payne
  • Image by Donovan PayneImage by Donovan Payne
  • Image by Donovan PayneImage by Donovan Payne
  • Image by Donovan PayneImage by Donovan Payne
  • Image by Donovan PayneImage by Donovan Payne
  • Image by Donovan PayneImage by Donovan Payne
  • Image by Donovan PayneImage by Donovan Payne
  • Image by Donovan PayneImage by Donovan Payne
  • Image by Donovan PayneImage by Donovan Payne
  • Image by Donovan PayneImage by Donovan Payne
  • Image by Donovan PayneImage by Donovan Payne
  • Image by Donovan PayneImage by Donovan Payne

How We Engaged with You

Who did we engage with?

We contacted people who live or own property within 400m of the Reserve by letter and email and displayed signage on the site.

Members of sporting clubs and groups who use the site were already working with our sports development team to ensure that their specific needs with respect to the buildings were being addressed.

How could people get involved?

There are two major opportunities for community participation.

  • On MelvilleTalks, people were able to put pins on a map of the reserve to tell us how and where they use the space.
  • By attending a public workshop with Donovan Payne Architects, the landscape architects and the artists Dr Audrey Fernandes-Satar and Mr Arif Satar involved in the detailed design and layout of the reserve. City of Melville Staff involved in the project including Project Management staff, Leisure Planning, Health Melville and Community Engagement were also in attendance.
What happened at the information from the interactive map?

It has been used to provide a visual representation about how the site is currently used by local people as a point of reference for the project team.

It also helped the project team to mitigate potential disruptions to everyday life in the short term and consider what should be retained, replaced or enhanced on the site in the long term.

What did the community do at the workshop?

There were two major opportunities for community participate at the workshop.

  • Attendees were given the opportunity to get involved using PollEverywhere (a live online polling tool) to share information about themselves, ask their burning questions and answer a series of questions to get their feedback on the project.
  • Attendees also had the opportunity to listen to and ask questions of all presenters including the Architects, Artist and City of Melville Staff.
What happened with the information from the workshop?

It has been compiled in a report about what residents preferences are for the 'fit out' of the public open spaces in the park and identified issues, concerns and ideas to be considered by the project team, architects and artists during the project development and construction.


At both the community workshop and the design update information session, there was an opportunity for residents to ask the Project Manager, Architects, Artists and Recreation staff question. The questions have been categorised for ease of reading.

Budget, Maintenance & Management

Is there budget split, i.e. How much is for the park and paths, how much is for play ground, how much in club house?

At this stage no. Once detailed designs have been approved and costed we will be better placed to break these figures down.

Budget: You've told us of money from State Government and LotteryWest. But that is only a small part of total cost?

The City has made provision for the balance of the funding required to complete the project.

What is the budget for the redevelopment?

The City of Melville has allocated funds of $6.264m to the Long Term Financial Plan for the Shirley Strickland Reserve Redevelopment. The City has also been granted $1.51m of funding via Lotterywest and the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (CSRFF funding). Final project costs will be determined once a successful tender has been awarded for the project.

Will a budget be made available for annual building maintenance and grounds maintenance?

Yes there is currently a budget for annual maintenance of the buildings and parkland.

How will local residents/community and sporting clubs communicate and interact to maximise the use of the facility by all the community?

The City will manage the facility in the best interests of all the community.

How will the redeveloped facility be managed to help ensure social issues do not disrupt neighbouring residential properties?

The City is proposing to manage the facility differently to the current model, where the facility is leased to the sports association. This means the City will control and monitor all bookings and use of the facility. This will also enable more effective maintenance of the facility and greater access to the facility for the community for a range of uses. For example, community bookings, meetings, classes, etc…

In recent years I have noticed the carpark at Shirley Strickland Reserve is regularly used for drug sales/transfers, could the City of Melville liaise with police to install covert CCTV of the area?

Please report any suspected instances of this nature to WA Police. We will continue to patrol the area to gather information for the police. If the WA Police label this car park a hot spot, they may recommend the City stations the CCTV trailer there in future.

Development & Construction

How does the development of SS (Shirley Strickland Reserve) fit into the larger picture of development plans/goals in the City?

The Shirley Strickland Reserve redevelopment helps contribute to some key aspirations of the community as identified in People, Places, Participation: A Strategic Community Plan for the City of Melville 2016-2026 and key priorities of the Corporate Business Plan 2016-2020.

The City’s contribution to the aspiration of Healthy Lifestyles is about ensuring there are opportunities for a healthy lifestyle both indoors and out. This could include walking, running, cycling and exercising individually or in groups in our local parks and suburbs.

Another key community aspiration is Sense of Community, so designing places and spaces that encourage people to get out and about and make connections in their communities has also underpinned the planned redevelopment of the Reserve.

When will works begin and finish?

Currently, works are planned to commence in June 2019 and be completed by April 2020.

Remember please that if you try and please everyone it could end up a "dog's breakfast" so to say...

The City has an experienced project manager in similar developments that will manage the development. The City has also engaged highly experienced Architects and Landscape Architects to lead the design process. Community feedback will be considered within the context of the City’s vision for Shirley Strickland Reserve.

How familiar are you with the history and physical condition of SSR through different times of day and the year?

Officers from various service areas have long standing connections with local residents and the local sporting clubs. They are well informed about the history of the site and the conditions on the Reserve at different times of year.

Is development dependent on selling bowls clubs?

No. Council has approved a budget for the Shirley Strickland redevelopment project which includes funding from the State Government.

You do realise the park was once a swamp then a rubbish tip? So you will need a deep geotechnical investigation for footings.

A detailed geotechnical investigation will be conducted as part of the investigations to inform the detailed design of the project.

Design & Facilities

Could you possibly look at having windows overlooking the oval behind the rooms.

This is under consideration by the Project Architect.

Is the lighting being reassessed or is the existing lighting being retained? Some low level lighting after dark would aid security and people walking around after dark.

The exterior of the new building will have lighting. The parkland will have new solar lights.

Are there still plans for a family BBQ area to help bring friends and family together?

Yes a public BBQ and seating is being provided.

Are there going to be toilet facilities for use apart from when there are sporting events?

Yes. New universal access public toilets will be provided as part of the project.

Is there any mention of putting in a area for children aged 10- 15. Basketball back board / netball hoop. Or small skate area. What about staged development.

At the stage it is too early to determine. As detail unfolds, we will provide updates through Melville Talks. Staged developed is not anticipated at this time.

What is building design? Concepts available online? Is building flexible in its use options. What about solar including lighting around park?

The Concept Plan originally approved by Council at it’s meeting of December 2016 can be viewed on Melvile Talks.

The subject of this round of consultation has been to gather information from the community to assist the architects and artists in creating detailed designs of the building and surrounds. Once this work has been done, designs will be published on MelvilleTalks for viewing and commentary from the community. We anticipate this will be in late 2018 or early 2019.

Solar lighting will be provided in the park.

Will there be shade/shelter over the new playground and proposed picnic tables?

Feedback has been given that shade is important for families who will use the playground and this, and information on equipment preferences given at the workshop, will inform the design.

What will the playground look like in future?

The playground is in the early stages of design, information on equipment preferences given at the workshop will help inform design choices.

Will the design be adequate for flexible use as a welcoming place with biodiversity and great people access?

The design will allow for flexibility of use and greatly improved access. Additional vegetation planting will include new native ground covers and trees.

Will the playground, half basketball court and public BBQ areas be fenced to secure children and prevent dogs from wandering in (considering City of Melville Dog Ownership Rules and Management – Permitted Areas)?

The playground, half basketball and BBQ areas will not be fenced. Design features have been used instead, including bringing the playground closer to the building, and moving it away from the main open areas. These facilities will be located close to the Universally Accessible Toilets and Kiosk to cater to families.

As per the Dog Ownership Rules and Management for permitted areas, dogs are permitted to run free on all parks and reserves which are not prohibited or restricted provided they:

  • Are under effective control (this means the dog will come back when called at all times)
  • Are accompanied by someone who is capable of controlling the dog
  • Do not attack other dogs, people or wildlife
  • Are close to their owner so that the leash can be quickly attached if they become aggressive

How will the City of Melville manage the risk to the public and private property from cricket balls that are hit outside the proposed junior cricket field?

A surveyed sports field master plan is underway and once received by the City, we will be able to review any necessary mitigation strategies, noting that cricket is currently played at Shirley Strickland Reserve and at many other reserves around the City, with minimal reported issues. Should such incidents arise, clubs already have the appropriate insurances in place.

How will the CoM manage the potential radiant heat into the proposed pavilion from the summer morning sun and resulting high internal temperatures?

Any potential issues will be addressed through the detailed design phase, meaning that the building will need to adhere to building standards and any required mitigation strategies, such as a shade structure will be considered through the design.

Currently St Johns is providing free externally mounted defibrillators to public places such as reserves. Considering the large number of seniors that walk dogs at the park it would in my opinion be a good idea to have an automatic defibrillator mounted adjacent to the clubhouse.

Unfortunately the grant funding round for public externally mounted defibrillators has closed. The grant had been open to not for profit groups and promoted via our Recreation Development team, however no application was made by any current Shirley Strickland Reserve users

Reserve & Soft Landscapes – Plantings/Trees/Mulching

Is the (North East) cricket pitch still 50(m) in diameter without a buffer zone?

There is a junior cricket field, of 50m in diameter planned for the north east part of the reserve, though requires further investigation.

Will existing trees be kept?

Every effort will be made to retain existing trees. Where a tree is removed, or dies as a result of the project, it will be replaced with two new trees.

Can the CoM confirm that no existing trees will be removed to accommodate the junior cricket wicket with a 50m radius?

As approved in the 2016 concept plan, a single pine tree will be removed on the southern side of the new junior cricket field.

Will the City of Melville replace some of the trees that have died over time?

The City is working on the Landscape Plan for the project which will include many additional plantings, some of which will replace the trees that have died. The City is also investigating a program to increase plantings in the future.

Is there going to be a walking track?


Pls clarify whether the sandy verges will be rehabilitated with plants and if there will be reticulation to maintain the native plants that are to be planted.

There are no plans to extend the reticulation on the verges. New native plantings including ground covers and trees will be hand watered for two years. Mulching will be applied to the newly planted verges.

Can the perimeter of the reserve be mulched to remove the sand drift and the bollards relocated to the edge to stop cars destroying the mulch.

There are no plans to relocate bollards. Additional formalised on street parking has been provided to avoid parking on the verges.

Is there any members of the team with horticultural or gardening qualifications?

Yes we have a full time arborist in the City of Melville who is part of the team as well as highly experienced grounds reserve coordinators.

The nature area corner Mitchell St and Coogie road will that be upgraded its about time

The area does not form part of the proposed works at Shirley Strickland Reserve. The issue will be raised with the relevant Service Area Manager.

Are there any plans for the rainwater sump to be beautified and integrated in future into the landscape, to be user friendly?

Whilst the rainwater sump is not in the scope of this project, the City will place a new fence around it. An operational request will be sent to the City’s Reserve Coordinator to review the sump’s maintenance.

Will the City be removing the fencing around the existing sump?

No, the fence around the existing sump will be replaced due to the current fence being in poor condition. The depth, steep contour and changing winter water levels in the sump make it a significant risk if left unfenced. If there is available leftover funding in the landscaping budget, some new plantings may be undertaken within the fenced area, however no other changes are in the scope of this project.

What is the oval going to be used for?

The sporting fields will be used for the same sporting codes as currently.

In the 1980’s the reserve was very badly infested with tussock grass. In the 1990’s the tussock grass was poisoned and the turf replanted. In recent years the tussock grass has re-infested the reserve particularly at the Western and Southern slopes near the existing clubhouse. To prevent a major cost for removal of the tussock grass it may be sensible to eradicate existing tussock grass this coming spring.

Our Reserve Maintenance Team will assess, monitor and undertake eradication where required.

Will the Landscape Plan include an area which will not be irrigated? If so, how will these areas be maintained?

Not all areas of the reserve will be irrigated to comply with Department of Water allocation conditions and the establishment of low water use hydro-zones, as is the same practice across the City.

Specifically, some areas of the verge will be either planted and/or mulched and not irrigated. Our Reserve maintenance team will maintain these areas once they are established. More detail will be released with the landscape plan.

Areas surrounding the building will be irrigated with scheme water to avoid staining, due to the naturally high iron content of the bore water used to irrigate the remainder of the reserve.

Will the City of Melville confirm that the Landscape Plan includes additional trees be planted to boost the tree screen at the Shirley Strickland Reserve’s south east corner (corner of Sweetman St and Coogee Rd) and south western corner (near corner of Coogee Rd and Hallin Court)?

Based on feedback we had from the community, plantings are proposed for these areas and this detail will be released as part of the landscape plan.

How does the Landscape Plan support and meet the City of Melville’s stated requirements for their “ecological corridors” in keeping with MelvilleTalks promotion of “Green Civilisation - The Benefits of Corridors”

Additional soft landscaping (plantings/mulch) increases the ecological value of the reserve and provides habitat to a range of local and migrating fauna. More detail will be evident in the release of the landscape plan.

Can the City of Melville confirm that the “Landscape Plan” will include a dense shrub layer to promote a habitat for small birds and animals in keeping with MelvilleTalks promotion of “Green Civilisation – The Benefits of Corridors”?

Shrubs and small trees will be included in the landscaping as a part of this project, more detail will be evident in the release of the landscape plan.

Can the CoM commit to implementing the reserve perimeter landscape plan over the 2019 winter so that plants can be established or better established before the 2019-20 summer?

No, unfortunately not, plantings will begin in winter 2020.

The memorial ‘flame’ tree for Able Dacre in the southern portion of the reserve is in poor condition as it is unwatered, will the City prune and relocate the tree to a better position or supply it with irrigation?

The memorial ‘flame’ tree is in poor condition, though this is not due to a lack of water. Exposed and damaged roots, pest infestations and attacks from pathogens concern has resulted in a die-back of the limbs and unfortunately this tree is not in a state worth preserving. The City has been in contact with the Dacre family and will relocate the memorial to a more level surface up the bank near its current location and refurbish the plaque. The relocation will include a new tree, the species of which will be chosen with the approval of the Dacre family and some seating will be installed near the memorial in future. More detail will be shown in the landscape plan once issued.

Hard Landscapes - Paths/Benches/Fitness Equipment/Signage

Please confirm the ‘fitness’ path locations.

The path has been surveyed and will weave in between trees and this will be released with the landscape plan.

How wide and of what will the path formation be constructed?

The path will be made of varying materials, at variable widths which will be confirmed through the detailed design of the landscape plan. The path will not damage tree roots, in sections where tree roots are prevalent and a boardwalk will be constructed over the top of the roots.

There are not many park benches located in the reserve and none in the northern oval precinct, would it be possible to provide additional park benches across the slopes of the oval so the aged can take a rest whilst exercising and enjoy the reserve?

Currently there are 14 park benches at Shirley Strickland Reserve, 5 of which are located on the northern/rectangular fields. New benches will be installed as a part of this project, although final location and numbers are yet to be finalised. More detail will be available in the landscape plan when issued.

What outdoor fitness equipment is proposed to be installed about the fitness path and where will it be located?

The Outdoor fitness equipment will be located next to the change rooms on the eastern side. Equipment has not been selected at this stage.

Considering the development of the reserve will council provide some heritage signage to explain the transition of the reserve from swamp to garbage tip to sporting reserve?

Thank you for your suggestion, noting that this can be investigated through the detailed design process. There are currently no plans for heritage signage as requested. Discussions regarding the reserve’s history have mainly focussed on Shirley Strickland/de la Hunty, which the reserve is named after.


Where will the lights be located and their light beam directed about the three fields?

The concept shows 4 towers on the southern/main oval and 6 towers to service the rectangular/northern fields. This configuration will be confirmed in detailed design. All sports floodlighting must adhere to Australian and New Zealand Standards for Sports Floodlighting and receive planning approval. The new lighting to be installed will be better designed than the current aged infrastructure on site, which means a reduced impact from lighting to neighbouring properties.

Can the CoM confirm that the lighting footprint to the proposed field lighting upgrade will not enter into the premises of nearby residential premises?While we have not received any complaints about the current field lighting, we have made sure the new flood lighting to be installed will have even less of an impact from light spill than the current lighting. LED floodlighting will be installed to replace the HID lighting which is currently used. LED lighting offers better control and is more directional, meaning the new lights will focus their beam directly on the fields and light will not

enter neighbouring residential properties.

What changes, if any, will be instigated for security lighting of the car parks?

There are no planned changes in the scope of this project.

What security lighting will be installed about the pavilion and change rooms?

There will be perimeter lighting around the entire building as well as solar lighting around the new perimeter ‘fitness’ path.


Will the park remain a free running dog park?

The current arrangements will remain. Dogs must be on a lead when sporting activity is happening.

Will the playground, half basketball court and public BBQ areas be fenced to secure children and prevent dogs from wandering in (considering City of Melville Dog Ownership Rules and Management – Permitted Areas)?

The playground, half basketball and BBQ areas will not be fenced. Design features have been used instead, including bringing the playground closer to the building, and moving it away from the main open areas. These facilities will be located close to the Universally Accessible Toilets and Kiosk to cater to families.

As per the Dog Ownership Rules and Management for permitted areas, dogs are permitted to run free on all parks and reserves which are not prohibited or restricted provided they:

Are under effective control (this means the dog will come back when called at all times)

Are accompanied by someone who is capable of controlling the dog

Do not attack other dogs, people or wildlife

Are close to their owner so that the leash can be quickly attached if they become aggressive

How many dog litter bins will be installed and at which location?

The current number of dog litter bins (8) will remain, though may be relocated if required to accommodate landscape plan. The City is investigating bin shrouds to assist with the correct usage of the bins on the reserve and improve the aesthetic of the bins based on resident feedback.

Considering Shirley Strickland is heavily used by dog walkers is it possible to always have one field free for dog walking?

The reserve generally has free space available for use at most times so it is not expected there will be a need to set aside space.

Some dogs dig holes in the turf at Shirley Strickland Reserve, would it be possible to locate some sand buckets and scoops around the reserve so responsible dog owners can fill these holes?

There is currently a pit located next to the cricket wickets (building side) with sand in it for this very purpose. Club users often fill holes before participating in sport as the holes can be a risk to participants. In addition to this, the City’s Reserve Maintenance Team visit the reserve every Friday morning and rectify issues the best they can. Part of the solution to this ongoing issue is for dog owners to prevent their dogs from digging in the turf at all.

Other - Charity/Rubbish bins

The charity clothes bins often become a dumping ground, how does the City manage this? Will they be removed?

How charity bins are to be managed is set out in the City's operational policy: OP019 Placement and Maintenance of charity clothing collection bins on public land. In General Conditions 2.2.1 it states that "Charity clothing bins must be emptied by the approved Charity on a cycle frequency that precludes the possibility of overflow from the bins." Where a Charity is non-compliant with this or other requirements, they are formally notified in writing and if no action is taken, the City could decide to remove the offending bins permanently. If the City has to remove the bins, any costs incurred are to be recovered from the Charity.

The bins can become very unpleasant for close neighbours of the reserve, can the bins be moved further in to the park and/or have limited range lids on them? This would also help prevent illegal dumping.

When MelvilleTalks spoke to the Manager of Resource Recovery and Waste, he advised u that he would visit Shirley Strickland Reserve to see what measures could be taken to prevent misuse. One way of dealing the problem is to put a bin shroud around bins which limits incorrect use for large items and potentially stop unpleasant smells. he will be working with the Project Manager about changing the set up as part of the redevelopment project.

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