Scheme Amendment No.13 – Child Care Premises

Scheme Amendment No.13 – Child Care Premises


Proposed scheme amendment to restrict Child Care Premises in residential areas

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At the November 2021 Ordinary Meeting of Council, Council resolved to initiate an amendment to list Child Care Premises as a prohibited use (X use) for sites within residential zoning located on Primary Regional Roads (PRR’s) being Canning Highway, Leach Highway, South Street and a portion of Stock Road.

The proposal is for a scheme amendment to:

  • Introduce in the LPS6 Zoning Table (Table 3), a new split classification for Child Care Premises located within residential areas which abut PRR’s;
  • Modify the existing “A” use classification within table 3  to an A/X4 classification with a notation detailing that such uses will be classed as an “X” use where they abut a PRR.

Opportunities to get involved

Public comment closed 4.00pm Thursday, 24 February 2022. Submission received are under review by the planning team. 


What is the reasoning behind this scheme amendment?

This amendment is in response to community and Council concerns on the impact to children’s health and safety when childcare centres are located on busy roads.

How will the Scheme Amendment affect my property?

The proposed amendment will not change the zoning of your property. The proposal removes the ability for a child care centre to be developed on residential zoned sites which abut primary regional roads (PRR).

Will this impact existing centres already located on these roads?

No, the scheme amendment will only affect new proposals.

What happens with my submission?

We will consider all submissions in reporting to Council for consideration. Council’s resolution will then be forwarded to Western Australian Planning Commission for determination. 

Who is the decision maker?

The final decision maker is the Western Australian Planning Commission and / or the Minister of Planning. Submissions and the City of Melville’s Council resolution will be considered by the decision makers. 

How can I be kept informed of the outcomes of the proposal?

Click on the ‘Follow Engagement’ at the top of this page to be kept informed of the outcomes of this project.

Contact us

NameMichael Flanagan, Planning Officer
Phone08 9364 0666


  • 16 November 2021
  • Ordinary Meeting of Council
    Council resolved to recommend the amendment be initiated for advertising.
  • 13 January - 24 February 2022
  • Public comment period
    Community are invited to view the proposal and provide a formal submission.
  • April 2022
  • Ordinary Meeting of Council
    Officer report with recommendation and public submissions presented to and endorsed by Council
  • May 2022
  • Western Australian Planning Commission
    On advice of the WAPC, the Minister of Planning has refused to approve the City’s amendment

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