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Point Walter Mountain Bike Facility

Point Walter Mountain Bike Facility


We're designing a mountain bike track at Dyoondalup Point Walter Reserve and want your feedback.

Last Updated: 17 January 2022 Follow Engagement

In conjunction with our community, we’ve developed a draft Mountain Bike Track Concept Plan at Dyoondalup Point Walter Reserve. Following an increase in the informal mountain bike tracks in the area, we want to create a a safe place for people of all ages to ride their bikes, now and into the future.  

About the project

Over the past 12 months, a number of informal mountain bike tracks have been created in natural areas and park. These tracks are not in line with the recommendations of our Natural Areas Asset Management Plan and were not approved or sanctioned by the City. Currently, there are no dedicated mountain bike tracks in the City, however we recognise there is a community desire for this type of facility. 

After an incident at an informal mountain bike track at Art Wright Reserve, a meeting was held with community members, the Mayor and City officers on site in 2020. The feedback was varied, with community members both for and against tracks remaining at Art Wright Reserve and at other nearby reserves.

In response to this feedback, we selected a small 7500sqm area of degraded park land at Point Walter Reserve to provide a site for the mountain bike community to enjoy, while also protecting the greater bushland area from further environmental vandalism.

Draft Concept Plan 

Prepared by Common Ground Trails Pty Ltd, the draft Point Walter Reserve Mountain Bike Facility Concept Plan includes features such as a learn to ride track, pump track, gravity and skills trails, rest platform and more.

Scroll through the images below to view the draft concept plan. 

View the full master plan 

Opportunities to get involved

Community are invited to view the draft concept plan and share their feedback by 4.00pm Monday, 7 February 2022 by one of the following:

  • Attend our onsite pop up event on 17 January at 4.30pm-6.30pm, Dyoondalup Point Walter Reserve
  • Online, using the submission form below
  • By letter to: Chief Executive Officer, City of Melville, Locked Bag 1, Booragoon WA 6954
  • In person, at the Civic Centre, 10 Almondbury Road, Booragoo

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Why has this site been selected?

Point Walter Reserve is identified in the Perth & Peel Mountain Bike Masterplan as a site suitable for the development of a mountain bike facility (MTB).  Recent vandalism and mountain bike activity within adjacent and nearby bushland alerted us to the growing need for facilities within this area. The proposed site is an area of degraded park land which has already been utilised by bike riders.

This specific location for the development of a MTB facility would greatly benefit the residents of the City of Melville area, but also encourage visitors to the area from the greater reaches of Perth and beyond.

Will the bushland around the site be affected?

The area of bushland adjacent to the site is currently fenced off for it’s protection. Signage will be installed to identify the site as a conservation area. All informal and unauthorised tracks and damage created in bushlands will be removed and the area rehabilitated by the Natural Areas Team. The aim of building a facility is to provide an alternative to riding within bushlands and therefore protecting significant bushland areas.

What will be the environmental impact of the proposed facility?

The approximate 0.75 hectare area (green) proposed for a small-scale mountain biking facility is a degraded area of parkland containing scattered native trees with a largely weedy and grassy understorey. The community has expressed a desire for a mountain biking facility within this locality and this area of public open space has been identified as having the potential for such a purpose. Given the degraded state of the site, the environmental impact of a purpose built and managed mountain biking facility is expected to be minimal.

One of the main aims of this project is to reduce the damage being caused by informal track and jump creation in our natural bushland areas. It is hoped that by providing an alternative, the health of our remnant bushland areas can be maintained.

Why is it a facility for mountain biking?

Mountain biking has grown exponentially within the suburbs of Perth. Increasing activity within our Natural Areas and Parks has identified the lack of suitable facilities within the City for mountain bike enthusiasts, particularly our youth. Wheeled play as a whole has been identified as an expanding recreational activity and will be reviewed in a wider community consultation process in the coming years.

    What facilities currently are available around the site?

    Reserve facilities include:

    • Cafe and kiosk (located near the foreshore)
    • Paddleboard and Kitesurfing
    • Two shaded playgrounds
    • Refurbished tennis courts
    • Ample seating and barbeques
    • Large sandy foreshore areas and natural limestone cliff formations
    • Abundance of natural shading
    • Plenty of open, grassy areas
    • Event spaces
    • Many bike and walking paths
    • Boat ramp and jetty
    • The picturesque Point Walter Golf Course and new Goanna Mini Golf are located within the reserve
    • Point Walter Recreation and Conference Centre.
    Who prepared the draft master plan and concept?

    In September 2020 Common Ground were appointed to develop the Master Plan. Common Ground is a trail planning and design consultancy. who specialise in developing strategies for the establishment of mountain bike facilities, with an aim to connect people with trails, spaces and landscapes. By fostering a ‘common ground’ between agencies and enthusiasts, Common Ground are able to design and develop universally accepted, sustainable and iconic trails.

    How can I view the draft master plan and concept?

    You can view the drafts above, or visit the document library to download a full version of the plan.

    Community engagement

    Who are we engaging with?

    We are engaging with the local mountain bike community, including mountain biking youth age 5 to 15.

    What are the stages of engagement?
    • Stage 1  - We sought your preference for the type of mountain bike facility features through an online survey on this page.
    • Stage 2 - We invited mountain bike users and potential future users of the facility to help us develop a concept plan for the site. Participants were invited to attend an onsite workshop to identify features, detail design and spatial layouts for the facility. Feedback received informed the concept design.
    • Stage 3 - Community are invited to provide feedback on the proposed concept plan during a public comment period. We'll also be providing a sneak peak at an onsite pop up with the mountain bike community. 
    What happens to the information shared by the community?

    Feedback received, including level of support of the concept will be reviewved by the project team, and consultant, and in some cases incorpoated into the final concept plan. It is anticipated that the final concept plan will be presented at the March Ordinary Meeting of Council. 


    • 2 October 2020
    • Pop up engagement
      Survey conducted at Rock and Roll Mountain Biking skills clinic
    • 5 October 2020 - December 2020
    • Community survey
      Share your feedback on the types of features you'd like included in the design
    • January / February 2021
    • On site community briefing
    • 17 April 2021, 12.00pm to 2.00pm
    • Community design workshop
      Onsite community workshop to inform concept design
    • 17 January - 7 February 2022
    • Public comment period
      Community are invited to view the draft and provide comment.
    • March 2022
    • Ordinary Meeting of Council
      Report item presented at the March Ordinary Meeting of Council with Officer recommendation

    Contact us

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    NameJeff Bird, Manager Natural Areas & Parks
    Phone08 9364 0666


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