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Playground Renewal Program

Playground Renewal Program


Find out about which play space is being renewed this month.

Last Updated: 1 December 2021 Follow Engagement

We have 154 play spaces in the City of Melville. Each year we aim to renew 5 - 10 play spaces to ensure they meet current Australian safety standards and provide a variety of play value.

To be sustainable, renewal of our existing playgrounds takes priority over building new ones or adding things like seating, shade or BBQs. Wherever we can, we are relocating some replacement playgrounds into spaces where there are trees that can provide shade.

As part of the renewal process, we undertake regular community engagement to ask our community what they would like to see in play spaces in the City.

Current Renewals

There are no current renewals seeking community feedback.

To provide your feedback on the renewals seeking community involvement, simply click on the purple buttons below. 

Coming Soon

  • Herb Napathally Reserve
  • Piney Lakes Sensory Playpark

Herb Napthally Reserve

Herb Napthally Reserve playground is located in Myaree. This reserve is a medium size reserve and is suitable for medium sized gatherings, family reunions and childrens birthday parties.

Community consultation will commence early 2022

Piney Lakes Sensory Play Park

Piney Lakes Sensory Play Park is an inclusive park in Winthrop. It attracts diverse users and is a space where people experiencing disability can play and interact alongside their family, friends and community.

Community consultation will commence early 2022

Previous Consultations

Tompkins Park 

Located adjacent to the clubhouse in Tompkins Park, this much-loved playground is looking to be revamped. 

Voting closed 4.00pm, Wednesday 15 December 2021. We received 43 surveys as part of this stage of engagement. Feedback received is now being reviewed by the project team.

Mt Henry Bridge Reserve

Mt Henry Bridge Reserve is a green space with exercise equipment and playground equipment. It is located across from the Mt Henry Jetty on the Canning River.

We want to create an intergenerational space at this location. This renewal will look at updating the equipment to combine elements for all ages to play and exercise. 

Survey closed 4.00pm, Wednesday 22 December 2021. Feedback received is under review by the project team. 

Survey Results

  • 141 surveys received
  • Equal voting on preferred exercise equipment
  • 82.98% lived in close proximity of the reserve
  • 89.78% would like shade over the playground and exercise areas
  • 84.46% prefer the playground to have softfall 
  • 51.06% of playground users are aged betwen 0-6
  • 76.26% would like a combination of playground equipment


How often do playgrounds get renewed?

We aim to renew the play equipment every 15 years.

Why are some play spaces fenced and other are not?

Whilst traditionally we fenced many playgrounds, moving forward we will only fence playgrounds where there is an adjacent busy road or other conflicts that pose risks to users.

Are all play spaces designed to be accessible?

Unfortunately no. The City ensures our larger play spaces are accessible and we are working towards a more inclusive and accessible approach for playgrounds where possible.

Why can’t every play space have a shade sail?

We work to maximise the use of natural shade and quite often we plant more trees. Into the future as money for new capital works is approved we will be looking at installing shade over our district and neighbourhood parks, where natural shade is unavailable. This will provide equal access to a shaded space in a financially sustainable manner.

Are dogs allowed in playgrounds?

Although dogs are allowed at the majority of the City’s parks and reserves, dogs are prohibited entirely from all playgrounds within the City.

This means you must have your dog under effective control next to a playground and ensure the dog won’t enter the play space.

How can I be involved in the design of a play space?

The City undertakes community consultation where there is an opportunity to share your thoughts during the planning phase of a play space. You can share your thoughts by completing a survey on the specific park.

How are playground upgrades prioritised and what determines the extent of upgrades?

Upgrades are prioritised based on condition audits, service requests, community feedback and budget.

What is park heirachy?

The hierarchy of parks, within Melville is pocket, local, neighbourhood and district and reflects state documentation/strategies.

This hierarchy is based on the number of anticipated visitors and the distance they are drawn from to attend this space. For example, with district parks it is anticipated people will be drawn from over 2 kilometres, neighbourhood parks are anticipated to draw residents from 800 metres and local parks residents from approximately 400 metres and pocket parks are the incidental green spaces around the City.

The amount of facilities/infrastructure provided on each space reflects the size and use of the reserve and the distance required travelling and therefore the anticipated duration of time spent on-site.

The distribution of district, neighbourhood and local parks allows us to have a balanced level of the quality of space across the City.

Where can I find more information about playgrounds?

There is a number of ways you can find more information about our parks, reserves and playgrounds:


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