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Ogilvie Streetscape Upgrade

Ogilvie Streetscape Upgrade


We are developing a concept plan to transform a section of Ogilvie Road into a pedestrian-friendly, attractive and thriving precinct linking to Canning Highway.

Last Updated: 1 June 2022 Follow Engagement

The Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan proposes a vision for the precinct to evolve into a unique, vibrant and creative community.  Part of the realisation of this vision is the progression to enhance the public spaces and streetscapes. The northern portion of Ogilvie Road, between Helm Street and Canning Highway, has been selected to kick off the enhancement program. 

The project aims to create a streetscape in keeping with the Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan Vision, whilst maintaining the residential character at the southern end of the street. It will also aim to improve walkability, vibrancy, parking, shading and tree canopy coverage around local businesses and residences.

The streetscape upgrade will include new street tree planting, landscaped verges, rain gardens, public alfresco seating areas, widened footpaths, improved pedestrian accessibility, crossings, improved on-street parking bays, traffic-calming measures and public artwork.

In 2021 external consultant Hatch RobertsDay was appointed to review and analyse Ogilvie Road's opportunities and constraints and prepare two draft concept designs.

Aligning to the design and streetscape vison for the Canning Bridge Activity Centre and guided by the needs of the local community, the two concepts aim to maximise provision of public spaces and build a unique identity for the precinct. 

Opportunities to get involved

There are a two opportunities for you to have your say, and help shape Ogilive Road Streetscape Upgrade.
  1. Attend our walkable workshop on Wednesday, 22 June 2022 - registrations closed
  2. Complete an online survey - coming soon
To remain informed as the project progresses, simply select 'Follow Engagement' option at the top of this page. 

Walkable workshop

A walkable workshop was held with 20 participants on Wednesday, 22 June 2022.  Participants explored ideas and opportunities, design elements and spatial layouts.  Feedback received is under review by the consultant and will inform the revised version of the concept designs.

Community survey

Unable to attend our walkable workshop? An online survey will be made available early July 2022.

To stay updated as opportunities become available, simply select ‘Follow Engagement’ at the top of this page.


How did this project come about?

The Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan proposes a vision for the precinct to evolve into a unique, vibrant and creative community.  Part of the realisation of that vision is to progress the enhancement of the public spaces and streetscapes.  Key objectives are to make the streets more pedestrian friendly and to enhance the car parking layout.  The vision also seeks to create a unique identity for the precinct through the use of consistent materials and themes.

The road paving at the northern portion of Ogilvie Road (between Helm Street and Canning Highway) is due for upgrading and has been selected as one the first projects for enhancement. 

How is the City coordinating the streetscape enhancements?
Whilst progressing these design initiatives the City formed an internal Place and Economic Development Coordination Group. This group recognises the importance of a coordinated, cross-functional approach to implementation of enhancements in our activity centres, thereby ensuring works are implemented consistently and in keeping with the desired vison for the place.
A priority task for the Group is to ensure current streetscape enhancement proposals/projects for the Canning Bridge Activity Centre are of a design, quality and consistency in keeping with the desired vision. Ogilvie Road is intended to be the pilot project for the enhancement roll-out. Other streets are proposed to be included later in 2022 and beyond.
What work has been done to date?
The Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan includes ideas for the enhancement of the streets within the precinct.  A master plan providing further details on streetscape designs and treatments has also been prepared.  These documents have informed the preparation of two concept designs for Ogilvie Road (Canning Highway to Helm Street). 

The concepts have responded to opportunities and constraints (service location, existing features, street parking, patterns of development, purpose of the street etc).  Two concept designs have been prepared with a range of different features and treatments.  The engagement process will seek to explore feedback from stakeholders on the range of different features.
Why is the City undertaking consultation?
The two draft concept designs show slightly different approaches to the proposed design of the Ogilvie Road streetscape. 
The engagement process is seeking feedback on the different design approaches and the different features proposed in the two draft concepts. Feedback received will help assist to inform a final design concept.
I don’t want to attend in person. Can I participate online?
An online survey will be made available on this page shortly after the workshop. The survey questions will replicate the workshop activities.
To stay updated as to when the survey becomes available, simply select 'Follow Engagement' option at the top of this page. 
What happens next?
Details of the final concept will be shared with the community on this Melville Talks page.
The project will then enter a detailed design, tendering and construction phase. 
When will construction take place?
The project is estimated to progress to the construction phase later in 2022, or early in 2023. 
How can I stay updated on the outcomes of the engagement?
To stay updated on the status of this project, simply select ‘Follow Engagement’ at the top of this page.
More information about the workshop

What is the location of the workhshop?

The workshop is a walkable workshop and will commence on Ogilvie Road and finish up in the Cirque Community Centre. Registered participants will be informed of the starting point a week prior to the workshop date.

Who will be running the workshop?

Appointed consultant, Hatch RobertsDay, will be facilitating the workshop. City of Melville staff will also be present to assist and answer project specific questions.

Will there be a second workshop scheduled?

The City may schedule a second workshop in June - July 2022 pending the interest of the community and workshop participant numbers.

If a second workshop is required, and to receive direct notification to your email, simply select ‘Follow Engagement’ at the top of this page.


  • 2021
  • Consultant appointed
    Hatch RobertsDay appointed to prepare two draft concept designs
  • 2021
  • City of Melville staff engagement
  • 3 - 16 June 2022
  • Workshop registration
  • 22 June 2022
  • Walkable workshop
    On-site workshop to explore ideas and opportunities, design elements and spatial layouts
  • July 2022
  • Community survey
  • TBC
  • Concept refinement

Contact us

If you require any further information, please contact us.

Paula Venter, Strategic Urban Planner

Phone08 9364 0666


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