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Jeff Joseph Reserve Path Upgrade

Jeff Joseph Reserve Path Upgrade


See what the community said about upgrading the existing path at Jeff Joseph Reserve.

Last Updated: 10 September 2019

Community Involvement

The City of Melville applyed for a grant from the Department of Transport to improve safety and upgrade the existing path at Jeff Joseph Reserve.

To receive funding we needed to know if the community support the project. Should the City be successful, funding for the detailed design and subsequent installation will be 50% from the Department of Transport and 50% from the City of Melville.

Before and after examples of the pathway

Engagement Results

Feedback from the online survey and community discussion forum has be collated and analysed in the Jeff Joseph Reserve Path Upgrade Engagement Report. Findings from both datasets indicating that the majority of the respondents support an upgrade to the path.

  • 85% of survey respondents who use the path at Jeff Joseph Reserve support the upgrade
  • 20 people strongly support the upgrade in the online discussion board.

This information will now be sent to the Department of Transport as part of the grant application.

Read the Engagement Report

About the Engagement

The City of Melville applied for funding from the Department of Transport to improve safety and upgrade the path at Jeff Joseph Reserve which links the north end of Ardross St through Jeff Joseph Reserve to the Scout Hall in the cul-de-sac of the Strand, Applecross.

The 1,100m of existing 2.1m wide concrete path would be upgraded to a 3.5m wide shared use red asphalt path.

This link forms part of the vital river foreshore network used by pedestrians and cyclists for commuting and recreational purposes with mobility scooter users, skate boarders, wheel chair and pram users also benefiting from an upgraded dual use shared path.

The path provides links to local schools, shops, the yacht club and the Heathcote Precinct, a stand-alone destination with it's restaurant, cafe, award winning playground, Toy library, Toastmasters, Museum & Gallery and Challenger TAFE.


  • 21 August 2019
  • Community discussion and survey opens
    Survey sent to random sample of residents and ratepayers in a 400m radius of Jeff Joseph Reserve
  • 4 September 2019
  • Community discussion and survey closes
  • 10 September 2019
  • Engagement results available
  • 13 September 2019
  • Grant application submitted to Department of Transport

How We Engaged with You

Who did we engage with?

We engaged with Applecross residents and ratepayers to determine levels of support for an upgrade to the existing pathway at Jeff Joseph Reserve in ways that are fair and transparent to provide evidence for the funding application with the Department of Transport.

How could people get involved?

Direct emails were sent to a random sample of Applecross residents and ratepayers to ask for their feedback via a survey.

On Melville Talks, the community were able to join a discussion to share their level of support, if any.

What happened with the information from the survey and online discussion?

The information gained from community engagement determined levels of support for the upgrade and formed part of the City's application for funding from the Department of Transport.


1. What is a shared path?

A shared path is a dual use path for pedestrians and cyclists.

2. Why do you want to replace this section of path?

The existing path is an old path 2m in width and the current standard width for a shared path recommended by the Department of Transport is 3.5m.

For safety reasons and physical amenity, the path should be upgraded and widened.

3. How long will the project take if the City receives funding?

The project will take two years to complete, one year for detailed design and another year from construction.

4. What will happen if the City doesn’t receive funding?

The project will be entered into the forward works program and will be scheduled for funding along with design and construction dates.

5. Will there be alternative access during construction if the City receives funding?

An alternative route will be provided by the City of Melville during the construction phase.

6. When will we know if the City receives funding for the project?

The City should know the funding outcome early in 2020.

7. What impact will the path have on surrounding vegetation and trees?

When designing footpath infrastructure, the City of Melville takes care to preserve the existing vegetation and will deviate the line of the path to try and avoid trees and shrubs. However, there are some occasions where this is not possible. If this occurs the City’s policy is to plant two more trees to compensate for the loss of one. With respect to the foreshore, the City is constrained by the Swan River Trust area and will narrow the path width to avoid encroaching on the riparian zone.

The funding we seek will include a detailed design which will show where all the existing trees are situated. The designer will make every effort to avoid the trees. Once the design is finished, the City will have a much better idea of how the project will proceed.

This is just the beginning of the process to seek funding for the path upgrade. Please be mindful we may not get the funding and hence the project would be on put on hold or may not go ahead.

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