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8 May 2020

See what the community shared on the ideas wall and how we are working to bring those ideas to life including our first project Capture the Moment.

We started a Happiness Stimulus Package to fund ideas that will bring happiness and joy to our community and local neighbourhoods (in keeping with COVID-19 health requirements) and you can now see the ideas people liked the most:

  • The mural by Michaela Miller on the sump fence near our home really brightens my mood when I see it. Local artists are really struggling to find work now, but their artwork brings so much happiness to others. The City could invite local artists to create small art installations around our neighbourhoods - on fences, public furniture and the like. (33 votes)
  • Would be great to see the city of Melville work with the Child Health nurses in facilitating online mothers/ parenting groups for new parents in the area. This may already be happening, but as a soon to be new mum it isn’t clear whether facilitation of mothers groups in social distancing formats will continue while COVID19 restrictions are in place. The social support and connections made from these would help new parents connect and establish networks both within this time and beyond. (32 votes)
  • Just an idea but maybe the council could organize an extra pickup of junk. The reason I suggest this is that with all the extra time available at home, residents have had the time to attend to all those jobs they have been putting off. (31 votes)
  • It is very sad that all the cinemas are closed due to the restrictions. Families and children can only stay home and watch Netflix and YouTube, which won't bring any sense of community. Why don't we do it in the way that people did in those good old days? Driving in cinema is a good idea for bring people together. Each family stays in their car, which provides the insulation for cold weather outside, as well as social distance. It also creates the sense of community. Kids will love it. (20 votes)
  • Plants!! Get children out in the garden with a free pack of vegetable and flowering seedlings and some native plants - something for me and something for the bees! (18 votes)

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Capturing a Moment in (Corona Virus) Time

We are working to bring those ideas to life and to kick it off  – get involved in the Capturing a Moment in (Corona Virus) Time public art project and stay tuned for more project updates

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