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22 May 2020

With help from the community we have been able to learn more about the current and future community needs for people living within the Canning Bridge area.

The purpose of this engagement was to identify current and future community needs for people living within the Canning Bridge area.    

Between August 2019 and February 2020, the City, in collaboration with element, delivered a diverse suite of engagement opportunities and activities within the area to collect community views. By using multiple methods of engagement, both digital and face-to-face, the project gave an opportunity to many different stakeholder groups and community members to have input into the social needs assessment.  

Two key questions were asked during this engagement process:

  • What types of new facilities and spaces would you like to see at Canning Bridge e.g., recreation, pool, cafes, small bars, town square, childcare.
  • What type of programs, events and services would you like to run at Canning Bridge e.g., health services, outdoor events, youth activities, social clubs.

Feedback was received from 628 people via a range of activities and from 386 people who completed the online survey. 

What did we learn?

Most people who participated in the engagement process had lived within the Canning Bridge area for more than 2 years (59%).

In the online survey we learned about the top five everyday issues people thought should be addressed within the Canning Bridge area including:

  • Traffic issues
  • Range of restaurants/cafes
  • Lack of parking
  • More outdoor gathering spaces
  • More seating/shade/shelter

The community shared their top three activities which could enhance the Canning Bridge area:

  • Outdoor movies
  • Markets
  • Festivals

Through the overall social needs assessment five major themes were identified including: 

  • More access to facilities, programming and infrastructure to enhance outdoor recreation.
  • Better accessibility and movement across and around Canning Highway with a strong call for improved connection and access to the train station.
  • Aspirations for activation of the place is closely tied to an increase of patronage of hospitality businesses
  • Improved integration of activities and programming to accommodate all ages
  • Negative sentiment around planning decisions remains a concern for long-term residents

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