Find a Place at Canning Bridge

Find a Place at Canning Bridge


Thank you for your feedback on what services, programs, facilities and events you would like to see to activate the Canning Bridge precinct.

Last Updated: 19 October 2020

Community Involvement

With significant population growth forecast for WA, the State Government has designated activity centres across Perth, including Canning Bridge. The number of people who live, work or visit Canning Bridge will grow significantly over the coming decades which will require additional public spaces, infrastructure, facilities, programs and services to meet the needs of this changing community.  We wanted to gain a better understanding of what services, programs, facilities and opportunities will be required into the future.

We asked the community to get involved and help us plan by completing an online survey and adding to the interactive map below.

Key themes from the engagement included:

  • More access to facilities, programming and infrastructure to enhance outdoor recreation.
  • Better accessibility and movement across and around Canning Highway.
  • A broader range of hospitality offerings that would bring people together and cater for a wider age group.
  • Improved integration of activities and programming to accommodate all ages.
  • Access to information and engagement opportunities in planning decisions.

Read the Community Development and Place Activation Plan

About the Engagement

We asked the community what was working well and what needed improving at Canning Bridge

The Canning Bridge area has a wide range of cultural, civic, natural and community assets used by the local community, and attracts visitors from across Perth. The resident and worker populations of Canning Bridge are anticipated to grow significantly over the coming decades, which will place pressure on the area and require provision of additional public spaces, infrastructure, facilities, programs and services to meet community needs and aspirations.

We wanted to gain a better understanding of what services, programs, facilities and opportunities will best suit the community into the future. Partnering with place focused consultancy, element WA, the ‘At Canning Bridge’ project included a range of research and analysis including demographics, comparative assessments of similar centres and analysis of trends affecting inner-city activity centres. A range of engagement activities were conducted to reach a wide cross-section of people with a connection to the Canning Bridge area such as residents, workers, business owners, investors and government agencies. Engagement channels included an online survey and mapping tool, community workshops and stakeholder round tables. We also conducted a place assessment of Canning Bridge to understand how it currently functions, its strengths and opportunities for improvement. This included a physical audit and interviews with local businesses and people using the area.


  • 2019
  • Demographic analysis of current and future population
  • 2019
  • Engagement with State Government agencies
  • November 2019
  • Community Engagement Opens
    Online community survey and interactive map
  • Friday, 29 November 2019
  • Community Engagement Closes
  • 17 February 2020
  • Current and future residents workshop
  • 21 February 2020
  • Open day event
    FREE Street Soiree at Canning Bridge
  • May 2020
  • Engagement results to be published

How We Engaged with You

Who did we engage with?

We engaged with residents, ratepayers, workers and visitors in the Canning Bridge area to gain a better understanding of activities and opportunities now and into the future at Canning Bridge.

How could you get involved?

In November 2019, the community were able to complete an online survey and put up comments on the interactive map on MelvilleTalks.

On Monday, 17 February 2020, current and future residents attended a placemaking workshop. A report on this workshop will be made available soon.

The community were invited to a FREE open day event, Street Soiree at Canning Bridge on Friday, 21 February 2020. The online community engagement on MelvilleTalks reopened during the event to give people the opportunity to take the survey and contribute their ideas on the interactive map. The community also meet the friendly folk at the Applecross Town Team to talk about the future of the Canning Bridge precinct, and participate in community engagement activities througout the day.

What will happen with the information shared by the community?

The results from the community engagement will be shared with those who participate and published on Melville Talks.

This results will also go on to inform Community Development and Place Activation Plans for the City to implement over the short to medium term at Canning Bridge

Would You like to Get More Involved in This Vibrant Community?

Talk to City staff about joining the newly formed Applecross Town Team – Cristina on 0414 400 136 or Teresa on 9364 0147

Or try out one of the new activities at our newest community facility, the Cirque Community Space in Mount Pleasant. The Cirque Community Space is a community benefit contribution, as part of the Cirque Apartments. Located on the Ground Floor, 63 Kishorn Road, Mount Pleasant

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