Engagement Snapshot

4 November 2021

Have a look at our engagement snapshot for the Piney Lakes Reserve Fenced Dog Park.

We’re developing a new fenced dog exercise area within Piney Lakes Reserve. This is the first fenced dog play park in the City of Melville. The draft concept includes two separate spaces; one for small dogs and one for dogs of all sizes.

During the month of October 2021, community were invited to view the draft concept design and provide feedback.

We received a total of 107 submissions:

  • 104 City residents
  • 44 reside in Winthrop
  • 3 reside outside of LGA
  • 81 informed us they were dog owners
  • 18 participated in previous engagement activities
  • 50.46% support the draft Concept
  • 35% shared some concerns, although support the draft
  • 44.85% did not support the draft
  • 4.67% did not share a level of support

For more information, please view the key findings in the engagement snapshot and the submission report.

View the engagement snapshot

View the submission report

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