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Farrington Road Traffic Speed Cushion Trial

Farrington Road Traffic Speed Cushion Trial


Farrington Road traffic speed cushion trial.

Last Updated: 4 November 2021 Follow Engagement

About the Trial

With development increasing in outer suburbs and activity increasing within the Murdoch Health Precinct, an increase in vehicles per day along Farrington Road section east of Kwinana Freeway to Karel Avenue has been a concern for the community with regards to traffic speeds, crashes and pedestrian safety.

Our priority is to provide a safe journey for all users of this section of Farrington Road, whether they are in a vehicle, on wheels or a pedestrian. To reduce crash incidents and vehicle speeds, and to collect further traffic and speed data, we have installed temporary speed cushions on the approaches to the roundabouts on Farrington Road.

The trial program will run until Wednesday, 30 September 2021 and includes:

  • Installation of traffic speed cushions to the approached of roundabouts on Farrington Road
  • Installation of traffic counters to monitor vehicle speeds in the area

Engagement outcomes 

We received 207 submissions, with 57.01% submissions stating support of the speed cushions. Feedback received is being reviewed by the project team. Read the submission report and engagement snapshot for more details.

View the submission report

View the engagement snapshot


  • 11 to 15 July 2021
  • Farrington Road Speed Cushions Installed
  • 12 July to 30 September 2021
  • Public comment period


What is the road classification?

The road is classified by Main Roads WA as a district distributor ‘A’ road with an expected number of vehicles per day (vpd) being up to 25,000.  In traffic data measured in 2018, there was up to 20,000 vpd along this section of Farrington Road.

Why can’t the road speed be reduced from 60kmh to 50kmh, as the community has asked for?

Speed Zoning is under the authority of Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA) and for the City to apply for a reduced speed limit, certain criteria needs to be met under MRWA policy.  At this stage the criteria has not been met as the previously measured speeds are close to the current speed limit.

Once the Speed cushions are installed and following the evaluation of qualitative data (community survey) and quantitative data (vehicle speed and crashes), the City will be in a position to understand if an application to Main Roads WA to reduce the speed limit to 50 km/h along Farrington Road, as desired by the community, can be justified with appropriate data.

What are speed cushions and how are they installed?

Speed cushions are traffic calming devices to reduce the speed of approaching vehicles, improving safety conditions. The rubber speed cushions will be affixed to the existing road surface.

Driveways will not be impacted and installation will take approximately one to two hours at each site.

What speeds are vehicles travelling down Farrington Road?

Traffic speed data indicates that vehicles are travelling within the speed limit of 60 km/h along most sections of the road, however there are some sections experiencing up to 63 km/h (85th percentile) in this particular section of Farrington Road, with crashes mostly related to roundabout locations.

What will happen with the feedback received from community?

Following the installation of speed cushions and subsequent evaluation against qualitative (community feedback) and quantitative (vehicle speed and crashes) data, a decision will be made on whether there is sufficient justification for the City to apply to Main Roads WA to have the speed limit reduced to 50 kmh.

What has the City done to address the community’s concerns about the increasing speed and volume?

Farrington Road is currently classified underthe Perth Metropolitan Road Hierarchy as a district distributor ‘A’ road, which means the road is expected to carry up to 25,000 vehicles per day (vpd) and generally has a speed limit of 60km/h. 

  • City officers attended a community led meeting in July 2019 to understand the issues and concerns of residents and businesses
  • The issue was raised with Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA) and it was noted that the traffic modelling for the Murdoch Drive Connection project suggested that the current volume of 18,700 vpd in both directions would reduce to 16,100 in 2021 due to the connection.
  • The City worked with MRWA to ensure the Directional signs on Roe Hwy indicating access to the hospital have been adjusted to show Murdoch Connection as the direction to exit Roe Hwy for the Hospital instead of Farrington Road.
  • Since the community meeting, both the construction of the Murdoch Drive Connection, the Karel Avenue bridge duplication and the COVID-19 lockdowns, have hindered the City's ability to collect data that represents the normal traffic conditions of the road.
  • he  speed cushions will be installed in the July school holidays, with an opportunity for the community to provide their feedback.
  • As traffic conditions along Farrington Road are almost back to normal,  traffic data collection will be undertaken in September 2021 to review traffic volumes and speed.
What will happen after the trial of the speed cushions?

Upon completion of the trial and traffic survey, feedback received from community will be used to inform future permanent traffic calming measures in the area.

Why is there a speed cushion missing on Farrington Road?

In the final review of the detailed design of the project the speed cushion on the east bound approach at the eastern Casserly Drive roundabout was removed. This was due to the location of the Guard Controlled Children’s crossing interfering with the optimal location of the cushion. 

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