Dyoondalup Point Walter Multi-Use Courts

Dyoondalup Point Walter Multi-Use Courts


We are exploring redevelopment of the existing Dyoondalup Point Walter grass tennis courts with multi-use (netball / tennis / other) courts to meet current and future community needs.

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A recommendation out of the Attadale Alfred Cove Foreshore Masterplan (AACFMP) process to relocate the Troy Park netball courts to Point Walter is now being explored. This follows Council acknowledgement of the AACFMP in March 2022.

With its frontage to the Swan Estuary Marine Park, the Attadale Alfred Cove Foreshore is a significant natural asset within the City of Melville. The foreshore also hosts the heavily used Troy Park sporting precinct, where heavy demand on existing recreational amenities and parking is being experienced.
The AACFMP recognises the ecological, cultural and recreational values of the foreshore area and notes escalating parking problems experienced by Troy Park Sports Association (TPSA) member clubs, namely Attadale Netball Club (ANC), Attadale Junior Football Club, Bicton Junior Cricket Club and Y-Striders.  Further, the area is frequently populated by walkers, runners and cyclists using the principal shared pathway and grassed areas, compounding the strained parking situation at Troy Park.
ANC’s desire to increase the number of netball courts at Troy Park was also captured during the collaborative AACFMP process, triggering a site investigation run concurrently to the AACFMP process.
Initially focused on facilities improvements at the current location, an expanded site investigation at Dyoondalup Point Walter was undertaken in recognition of parking, land tenure, environmental and other constraints at Troy Park. Through this process, Point Walter was deemed an amenable location, close to Troy Park, for possible development of three, multi-use, netball / tennis courts and two multi-use netball and other sports courts. 

Check out the Dyoondalup Point Walter Multi-Use Courts proposal and give us your feedback.

The Draft Concept Plan

 If implemented, the Draft Concept Plan will enable relocation of the ANC to Point Walter, alleviating current parking constraints at Troy Park sporting precinct, while adding an extra netball court for use by its large and growing member base.
Draft Dyoondalup Point Walter Multi-Use Courts Concept Plan

Draft Concept Plan - benefits

The proposed facilities, which will also be available for use by the wider community, comprise:
  • Three multi-use, floodlit netball / tennis courts
  • Two multi-use, floodlit courts, which will include netball and other sports.
  • New shelters and seating
  • Formalised path network
  • Public toilet and equipment storage
  • Accessible community facilities, including a BBQ, water fountain and shelter
  • Space considerations for future formal parking 

Opportunities to get involved

Our online survey closed midnight Sunday, 14 August 2022. Community feedback will be considered and an officer recommendation will be tabled at an upcoming Ordinary Meeting of Council.


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How did this proposal come about?
This proposal was identified within the AACFMP stakeholder workshops. The workshops highlighted the constraints of Troy Park and suggested options to transform this space into an environmental and cultural hub. This suggestion was in consideration of car parking and pedestrian safety concerns created by junior football and netball training times being held at the same or similar times and the locality being adjacent to a known bird breeding site. Options were then considered for future locations of the Netball Club, to free up space for the vision to realised. The existing grass tennis courts at Point Walter was one specific location that had merit for a number of reasons and warranted further investigation outside of the AACFMP process.  
What can the community influence in this consultation process?
If the ANC is to relocate to the existing tennis courts at Point Walter reserve, a certain level of infrastructure is required to ensure viability. Influence over these key elements will therefore be limited if the project is to proceed.  Suggestions received during this engagement process will be considered in this context.
Who is the final decision maker?
A report item with an officer recommendation, including the final concept design and engagement findings, will be presented at a future Ordinary Meeting of Council for determination.
Why was Point Walter selected as the site for relocation of the Attadale Netball Club? Were other relocation sites considered?
Point Walter is in close proximity to the current ANC training location at Troy Park and has the required space for 5 x multi-use sport courts, plus additional infrastructure E.g. toilets and shelters.
Are there alternatives available to address the needs of Attadale Netball Club?
The alternatives below were also considered:
  • Revitalising Troy Park with its known limitations 
  • Relocating the ANC to Marmion Reserve or further away. 
However, the Point Walter site was considered ideal, as it offers the required proximity and space. 
Will there be added activity and noise in the area?
As part of the City’s process, each club / user is provided with Good Neighbour Guidelines and reminded at the start of each season / session of the need to conduct club activities accordingly and abide by the City’s local laws. The City works closely with all clubs in regards to noise and being a good neighbour. 
How are the floodlights used and paid for?
The City of Melville controls how floodlighting is used by the Clubs. In November 2021 the city installed a sophisticated lighting control system that provides greater efficiency, monitoring and control for user groups and sporting clubs.

This control system is a new, automated lighting management system and will not allow the lights to be left on late into the evening. This system will also be operating in all new lighting installations, ensuring  automatic turn-off at 9pm.
Which other key stakeholders has the City engaged to advance the proposal?
The City developed the proposal in association with the ANC to ensure the new location would meet their needs and those of Belgravia Leisure, who currently manage the site.
How did the City bringing awareness to this consultation?
We installed on-site signage to ensure all site users were aware of this proposal. We also delivered letters to residents in the immediate vicinity of the courts, as well as email notifications to residents within a 1-km radius.

We also undertook a social media awareness campaign to direct all comments to our survey, which was hosted on our dedicated Melville Talks project page.
How is the proposal being funded?
The City of Melville has allocated funds within our long-term financial plan to complete the AACMP actions over the next 20 years. This project will form part of this allocation and State Government CSRFF Grant Funding will be applied during the project timeline.
What are the benefits of Attadale Netball Club relocating to Point Walter?
Relocating the Club to Point Walter will alleviate current parking constraints at Troy Park sporting precinct, while adding an extra netball court for use by its large and growing member base.
How is the space currently managed?
Belgravia Leisure is the managing lease holder of the Point Walter Golf Course and hires out the existing grass tennis courts on behalf of the City.  Marshall’s Tennis Academy and some local tennis players currently book the tennis courts.
Installing floodlights over the multi-use courts. What will this mean for the area?
There are many benefits of installing LED lighting with a sophisticated control system. Some main benefits of LED being:
  • Minimal electrical energy consumption and costs
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Quality of illumination on the playing fields for various sporting groups
  • A sharper illumination path, which reduces unwanted glare and obtrusive light spill to surrounding roads and residential areas
  • Eliminate occurrence of lighting being left on when not required
Why floodlight the courts?
Floodlighting the courts will provide opportunity for the courts to be used into the evenings and allow further physical activity.

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  • AACFMP acknowledged at Ordinary Meeting of Council
  • July-August 2022
  • Public comment period
    Public comment on draft concept plan
  • August-September
  • Review of community feedback
    Feedback considered during final design
  • TBC
  • Ordinary Meeting of Council
    Officer report, including recommendation and public submissions, presented to Council


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