Cultural Infrastructure Strategy

Cultural Infrastructure Strategy


We’re developing a Cultural Infrastructure Strategy to guide the provision of Cultural infrastructure for the next 20 years.

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Culture is recognised as an integral part of communities and a key element of creating great places for people to live, work, visit, play and do business. To provide a strategic framework for how we invest in and support cultural infrastructure across the City of Melville, we’re developing a Cultural Infrastructure Strategy.

We want to become a place where cultural activity and engagement thrives at all scales – from local, community-based initiatives through to national and international events.

Cultural infrastructure includes buildings and spaces that accommodate or support culture. It also includes the digital and technological infrastructure, outdoor amphitheatres and public art. More than just traditional libraries, museums, galleries and theatres, cultural infrastructure includes the places where the cultural sector and broader community come together to create, share, learn and store products or experiences.

External consultant, The Fulcrum Agency, was engaged in 2021 to design and develop our first Cultural Infrastructure Strategy. This involved a comprehensive engagement program to gather insights from cultural leaders, groups and community members to shape planning for the next 20 years.  This strategy will focus on the buildings, spaces and assets the City directly influences.

Draft Strategy

The draft Cultural Infrastructure Strategy is  is underpinned by the idea that culture, creativity and community are inextricably linked, and is built upon on a framework of three focal priorities: 
  • City and Neighbourhood Exchange - to ensure we have a thriving centre (focused around the proposed Library and Cultural Centre) and strong locally responsive and engaged neighbourhood hubs.
  • Cultural Continuum - to create lifelong journeys and pathways within cultural activities, practice, and production, as well as opportunities at all levels for audience experience.
  • City of Many Cultures - an overarching intent celebrating the rich diversity of cultures found in the City of Melville.

Draft Strategy - Executive Summary

Draft Strategy  Attachment: Case Studies

Attachment: Engagement Report 

Opportunities to get involved

Community are invited to view the draft Cultural Infrastructure Strategy and provide comment. This is the final stage of community engagement. Any comments you wish to make are to be submitted by 5pm Monday, 22 August 2022, by one of the following:
  • Online, using the submission form below
  • City of Melville, Locked Bag 1, Booragoon WA quoting reference cultural Infrastructure Strategy
  • In person, 10 Almondbury Road, Booragoon
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What is cultural infrastructure?

Cultural infrastructure includes buildings and spaces that accommodate or support the visual arts, crafts, media arts, performing arts, heritage, museum, archives, libraries, publishing, sound recording, film, audio visual, radio and television. It ranges from purpose-built facilities through to adapting places and re-using spaces for cultural and artistic expression. It also includes the digital and technological infrastructure that enables online access to collections and performances and widens participation and appreciation for all audiences.

What is the aim of the Strategy?

The Cultural Infrastructure Strategy will provide a strategic framework for what cultural infrastructure we will invest in, and support, across the City until 2041 and beyond. It is the first document of its kind to be developed for the City of Melville and will guide the capital works development of our cultural facilities and assets over the course of the next 20 years (2021 – 2041).

How did this project come about?

The Culture Infrastructure Strategy has been developed to build upon the vision set out in Creative Melville 2018 – 2022, namely:

'Creative Melville is about realising the City’s cultural potential, strengthening our collective identity and empowerment through learning, information and creativity. The role of cultural infrastructure (and associated programming) is to help realise Melville’s potential as a place for creative people and industry, and where people everywhere can explore their creativity.'

The Creative Melville Cultural Plan prepared and endorsed in 2018 recommended the development of a Cultural Infrastructure Strategy.

Who is developing the Strategy?

TheFulcrum.Agency. was appointed to design, develop and deliver a comprehensive engagement plan in order to gather information and insights from cultural leaders and community to input into the City’s first Cultural Infrastructure Strategy.

TheFulcrum.Agency is a creative consultancy firm that leverages community and social outcomes through evidence-based design thinking. 

Visit their website to find out more. 

What engagement has already taken place?

To ensure transparency and inclusiveness through collaboration with the community and key stakeholders, early in 2021, the City and TheFulcrum.Agency engaged with various cultural and youth groups, including CaLD community groups and a Whadjuk Aboriginal reference group. 

To inform and develop the draft Strategy we:

  • Spoke with over 50 people from cultural groups, associations, and organisations in the City of Melville
  • Received over 750+ resident’s comments through an online and inperson survey
  • Met with management from all the cultural facilities owned and run by City of Melville to discuss their ambitions for their centres
  • Held a youth workshop at the Willagee Library to discuss access and to better understand culture from a CALD perspective
  • Held a workshop with members of the Chinese community in Bull Creek Library to better understand their needs
  • Consulted with Whadjuk Reference Group to better understand their needs in relation to cultural infrastructure.

Feedback from all stages of engagement has informed the draft Strategy. 

How can I stay up to date with the outcomes of the project?

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Contact us

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Phone08 9364 0666



  • July - November 2021
  • Stakeholder engagement
    Individual meetings with primary stakeholders.
  • 20 September - 10 October 2021
  • Community survey
  • Jan – May 2022
  • Staff engagement
    Project team reviews first draft and provides comments.
  • 5 July 2022
  • Elected Members Information Session
    Findings, outcomes and report will be shared with Elected Members.
  • 27 July - 14 August 2022
  • Public comment
    Community are invited to view the draft and provide comment.
  • TBC
  • Ordinary Meeting of Council
    Report item will be presented at an Ordinary Meeting of Council.

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