Community and Business Scorecard 2020

The survey will assist in creating a better vision for Melville

We’ve asked our community and they’ve given us feedback about their aspirations and priorities, and scored us on our performance!

Achieving community wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do as a local government.

  • It all starts with our Strategic Community Plan, when we ask our community to tell us what their aspirations are for the future and the things that are important to their wellbeing.
  • Through the Strategic Community Plan the community has given us six aspirations to focus on and these flow down into our Corporate Business Plan and become our organisational outcomes.


  • Through our Annual Organisation Plan we then ensure the range of products and services we deliver are contributing to achieving the six outcomes.

Listening to our Community

With a vision of ‘Engaging with our diverse community to achieve an inclusive, vibrant and sustainable future", it's important we listen to our community, so we check back in with them regularly and in a number of different ways to see if their aspirations and priorities have changed, and, to ask how satisfied they are with our performance.

Which aspirations are a priority to the community?

  • In 2019, we conducted a wellbeing survey, in which 401 participants told us which aspirations were priorities for them. 
  • In June, 2020 we asked the community again through a survey on Melville Talks and the 655 people who participated indicated there were some changes in the community’s priorities.


What do our community think of our products and services and the priorities?

Every two years, we also ask our residents and businesses to tell us what they think about our products and services and overall what they would mostly like the City to focus on improving. This gives us a performance scorecardfrom our community.

  • This year, 10,000 Melville households were invited to score our performance with over 1,013 responding to the opportunity.
  • 1,000 local businessnes were also invited to score our performance, however only 36 responded which we have accepted as part of the challenging circumstances of COVID-19 which hit at the time of the scorecard survey.

How the Community scored us!

The community has told us where we're performing well and also what they want us to focus on. As we move into developing our Strategic Community Plan and Corporate Plan for 2020, we’ll be ensuring their aspirations and priorities are at the heart of our decision making.


  • The community scored us the highest for Overall Performance compared with other large size local governments (population greater than 80,000)
  • The community scored us as leading the WA Local Government industry in two areas 
  • The community scored us as leading in nine areas compared with other large size local governments (population greater than 80,000

Leading the industry 

  • Efforts to adapt to climate change
  • Graffiti removal services

Leading in 9 areas (compared with other large size local governments)

  • Overall as a place to live
  • Playgrounds, parks and reserves
  • Traffic management on local roads
  • Management of parking
  • Footpaths and cycleways
  • Streetscapes
  • Street lighting
  • Access to public transport
  • Management of food, health, noise and pollution issues

*To view the the full scorecards see below.

Why conduct the Community and Business Scorecard Surveys?

The City of Melville Community and Business Scorecard Surveys is conducted every two years and invites City residents and businesses to complete a short 15 minute survey to help improve our vision for Melville.

We ask for feedback on our servicesinfrastructure and facilities so we can identify areas we are performing well in and areas for improvement.

The information we receive assists us in prioritising and potentially reallocating resources to areas of importance, as well as benchmarking against how we are performing in comparison to other local governments.

The 2020 Community and Business Scorecard Surveys were open from Monday, 23 March to Tuesday, 14 April at 5.00pm.

What was the Survey Process?

iA random selection of people from the City’s customer database received an email invitation to participate. This was done to ensure demographic representation in the responses collected match the Census demographics of our population.

The City aims to achieve a minimum level of statistical validity for each survey, as per the Auditor General recommendations for statistical validity.

  • The City of Melville commissioned CATALYSE®to conduct a MARKYT®Community Scorecard from 23 March to 15 April 2020.
  • Scorecard invitations were sent to 10,000 randomly selected households by email; plus a booster sample of 142 residents aged 18-34 years.
    954 randomly selected residents and ratepayers, including the young adult booster sample, completed a scorecard reducing the sampling error to ±3% at the 95% confidence interval.
  • The City supported promotion through its communication channels. A further 35 residents, 10 out of area ratepayers and visitors, and 14 Council affiliated respondents participated bringing the total to 1,013 respondents.

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