Our Vision and Values

City of Melville Vision

A vision sets out the reasons for an organisation's existence and the ideal state that it aims to achieve. It expresses goals that are worth striving for and appeals to those ideals and values that are shared by the organisation and community.

Our Vision Statement

‘Working together to achieve community wellbeing for today and tomorrow.’ 

The Council’s desired outcome for the City of Melville:

Our commitment to you, our community, is to work towards and enhance achieving a City that is clean and green, safe and secure, has growth and prosperity with sustainable connected transport, offers healthy lifestyles and has a real sense of community.

Our Values

A 'great workplace' is one where our values and behaviours are reflected in our actions and decisions and are actively promoted, displayed, recognised and rewarded. 

Our organisational values are embedded and at the core of every thing we do.

Based on consultation and engagement with our staff, we have established four core values. These values were repeatedly identified by people as important to them. Within the four core values, there are characteristics that further define those values.




Teamwork, flexibility, empathy, integrity, openness, ethical, trust, listening, support, honesty


Achievement, results, governance, innovation, accountability, leadership, innovation, accountability, leadership, customer service


Excitement, growth, opportunities, learning, creativity, fun


Safe workplace & community, sustainability, work/life balance

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