Community Outcome Reporting

Our Vision

Our vision of “working together to achieve community wellbeing for today and tomorrow” is our driving force as a local government and is why we exist as an organisation.

In helping to realise our vision, extensive community consultation was completed in 2016 to create our Strategic Community Plan which guides everything we do and what we are working towards. From this feedback six community aspirations were realised which have become our outcomes and key areas of focus.

Community Outcome Reporting

Our shift from an output orientated to an outcome focused organisation has seen the creation of community outcome reporting, which provides oversight of what is happening in the community and allows us to be more agile and responsive to changing community trends and needs. 

These dashboards which can be viewed below list the goals we are working towards, relevant data from a variety of sources and the role and products and services we deliver to help achieve each outcome. 

Our products and services are regularly reviewed against public benefit testing and changing community requirements. The initiatives listed under each goal are what we are working on and help make up our annual organisational plan. 

It’s important to note that a positive increase in one outcome can negatively impact another, so our challenge as a local government is to carefully balance these conflicting goals to maintain and enhance community wellbeing for our whole community now and for future generations. 

These dashboards will be used for internal decision making and project prioritization. 

This is a first iteration of the dashboards and they will evolve over time as new data becomes available, which in turn will influence the role and products and services we provide. 

Your Aspirations and Our Outcomes:

  • Clean and Green
  • Growth and Prosperity
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Safe and Secure
  • Sense of Community
  • Sustainable and Connected Transport

Our commitment to you, our community, is to work towards and enhance achieving a City that is clean and green, safe and secure, has growth and prosperity with sustainable connected transport, offers healthy lifestyles and has a real sense of community.

The way we work towards achieving these outcomes is underpinned by applying the Australian Business Excellence Framework and principles, which govern how we work, in a collaborative innovative fashion.


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